Imagine you are trapped in a room and someone has hidden the key. To make matters worse, you not only have to look for the right key, but also solve a lot of puzzles in order to ultimately get back to freedom. Escape games have secretly established themselves as real entertainment greats. And if you think that the so-called Escape Rooms are only available in trendy cities, you are wrong: The next Escape Room is guaranteed to be waiting for you in your hometown. And before faint-hearted live gamers get panic attacks, it should be said that the Escape Games have the right setting for everyone - so it doesn't always have to be creepy painted, tricycle-driving dolls that cost you your life ... uh ... your freedom. In the following article I will introduce you to the board game Escape and the most exciting live escape games in North Rhine-Westphalia.

With that in mind: let's play a game ...

No escape gaming without an escape

Thanks to Queen Games and the game designer Kristian Amundsen Ostby, every board player can feel a bit like Indiana Jones - at least when he is playing the board game Escape - The curse of the temple has purchased. This board game title has become an integral part of the escape game genre, and not just because of the name.

Escape is for 1 to 5 players at Escape - The curse of the temple the ultimate goal. As an archeologist, you and your colleagues are locked in a cursed temple that threatens to collapse. The imminent danger is impressively conveyed with the help of the accompanying soundtrack. Passages of entertaining background music alternate at irregular intervals with ominous sounds. When the gong sounds, it means: Now everything has to go quickly. The player round rolls the dice and acts cooperatively against time. Only the skilful and coordinated interaction can save you or at least some of you from the cruel death in the cursed temple. The lap time is always limited to 10 minutes due to the use of the soundtrack. By the way, you will quickly notice that a lot can happen in 10 minutes and that the moves are more hectic, chaotic and exhausting than you might think.

Just escape: Escape Games Special
Just escape: Escape Games Special

Who is on Escape - The curse of the temple lets in, he'll sweat blood and water as soon as the gong sounds and the music changes. That happens exactly twice in each game round, you just don't know when and what happens Escape - The curse of the temple extremely exciting. The aim is then to get into the starting area as quickly as possible, i.e. before the stone gates close. If you fail to do that, you lose one of your dice and, with it, a little of your freedom of action every time. Otherwise you will explore the temple complex together to activate the magical stones that mean the path to freedom for you. The level of difficulty of Escape - The curse of the temple can be adjusted relatively freely through the number of game boards, magic stones and cubes. Long-term motivation is thus guaranteed. Archeological routine is slowly emerging, worry Extensions and Mini extensions for new challenges.

Escape NRW: Let's get out of here

In the past, coal miners in the Ruhr area were simply locked together in a tunnel as a team-building measure. Today you can voluntarily lock yourself in and then escape together. Ruhrescape is the name of the provider and he conveys that Live Escape Gaming is a matter for everyone. Whether to improve teamwork among work colleagues, as an exciting school excursion or for that special kick on a bachelorette party: Breaking out is pretty popular at the moment. It is exciting that the puzzle is always embedded in a background story. In food at Ruhrescape five different themed rooms can be booked. These are a jewel heist for 3 - 7 people, the legacy of the pharaoh for a group of 4 to 8 people, the fight against a deadly virus for 3 to 6 escape gamers, a city rescue for 2 to 6 people and the final act of the magician that employs between 6 and 12 people.

In Wuppertal you can contact the provider lock room even smaller teams can try Live Escape Gaming. 2 to 4 participants from 16 years (from 8 years accompanied by adults) experience what it can mean to be locked in a laboratory in which dangerous viruses have been handled for years. Unfortunately, a self-destruct mechanism has activated; bad for everyone locked up, but extremely good as a setting for an exciting escape game. You should plan around 60 minutes for a visit to the laboratory. Therefore, a round of games is ideal instead of going to the cinema. There are long introductions to lock room by the way not. Live escaping begins after just a few words of welcome. As a city of the chemical industry and drug research, Wuppertal is the ideal place for a credible visit to a virus laboratory. And whoever has overcome the self-destruction mechanism and was able to escape successfully, hop into the next suspension railway wagon and experience the city on the Wupper from a different perspective. 

The provider’s live escape room “Das Vermögens” shows that it doesn’t have to be about the latest research scenarios or computer-aided mischief Closed society from Duisburg. Everything here revolves around a valuable item that grandmother Marie hid from her family. Of course only to enable the relatives to find the treasure as part of an escape event. A few head nuts are waiting for teams of 2 to 3 or 4 to 6 people. The guesswork for a maximum of 10 people is embedded in a setting from the 60s. So you shouldn't expect modern technology.

If the sixties are too old-fashioned for you, simply book one of the two other live escape rooms. "Secret Service" entices with a genuine secret agent setting. The "Duisburger Westende" invites colliery friends into an abandoned mine to look for two missing people underground. Paranormal activities included!