The small publishing house Lookout from Schwabenheim met the Easter bunny in good time before Easter. This unusual collaboration has resulted in a new theme for a popular Alexander Pfister game. It is available in two versions.

Alexander Pfisters Oh my Goods! gets a new theme after consulting Lookout with the Easter Bunny. The course of the game and the rules remain unaffected. Oh my goods is the Easter edition of the successful card game. Since you've already been there, there's an Easter special right away: The Easter edition is available in a classic box shape and in a limited egg shape.

A new theme of the Egg-class

In contrast to the original theme of the game, in which the players slip into the role of craftsmen and create countless goods, in the Easter edition they are successful Easter bunnies. Since Easter is just around the corner, of course everything has to be prepared. Compete with the rest of the Easter Bunnies in this fun makeover.

Everyone builds production chains to produce Easter eggs, flower baskets, chocolates and other typical Easter goods. Planning skills, risk management and a bit of luck will ultimately help you achieve the desired success. If you use your production chains correctly, you will be rewarded with many victory points and victory and can rest in the soft Easter nest until next year (or the next game).

The Easter Edition retains the rules and gameplay of the base game. It is also suitable for 2-4 Easter bunnies aged 10 and over and takes about 30 minutes. But there is something special about the packaging. In addition to the classic game box shape, the Easter edition is also available in a box shaped like an Easter egg. This is limited to 1.000 copies and certainly offers the best opportunities to place it unobtrusively in the Easter basket.

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