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André Volkmann is a journalist who specializes in local news, games and entertainment.

Conan Exiles starts the new update

Chapter 2: Age starts today in the open world survival sandbox Conan Exiles...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Gaming accessories: New steering wheel from simulation experts

Today, the Paderborn simulation experts from Aerosoft present the Aerosoft Truck &...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Just Dance 2024: Rock out Baroque

Today Ubisoft, the French National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image (CNC) announce...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman
AMC Volkman
Co-founder of the portal; Coordination: social media

Netflix in February 2023: All new series and films

The streaming giant Netflix is ​​one of the most successful services in the world. In German-speaking countries...

Marie Volkman Marie Volkman

Paramount+ in February 2023: All new series and films

The provider Paramount+ has been part of the German-language streaming offer since December 8, 2022....

Marie Volkman Marie Volkman

Disney+ in February 2023: All new series and films

Popcorn cinema en masse awaits you on Disney+ in February 2023. Waiting...

Marie Volkman Marie Volkman
Michael Zelenka Author Spielpunkt
Not only does Michael enjoy playing video and board games, he has also studied applied game research to better understand the phenomenon of games. His specialty is Game UX.

Garden Life – garden simulation game reaches 30.000 mark on Steam Wishlist

The makers of Bus Simulator are working on a new cozy sandbox game. The...

Michael Zelenka Michael Zelenka

Jagged Alliance 3: Die Hard with Humor

Jagged Alliance was mainly known in the 90s and gets...

Michael Zelenka Michael Zelenka

Demon Loop: New game by Alexander Pfister - and it's not a board game

The board game author Alexander Pfister is known for his games like Great Western...

Michael Zelenka Michael Zelenka

In your head: 5 good board games about dreams

Why we dream cannot be conclusively explained. Whether it is...

Jonas Dammen Jonas Dammen

Crowdfunding preview: Mycelia by Split Stone Games

Just recently, the great Forests of Pangea showed how good it is...

Jonas Dammen Jonas Dammen

Inside Ornament Games: Past, Present, Future – Playing at all times

It can be found on the airfield of a former airport in the north of Cologne...

Jonas Dammen Jonas Dammen

Welcome to the world premiere: Sold out, the Share & Write

The new game, localized by Frosted Games and published by...

Tim Nissel Tim Nissel

Turbulent tower building fun: Rankplotzen

We recently presented a new product from Denkriesen this year: Arshmallows....

Tim Nissel Tim Nissel

Assmallows: The game of revealing marshmallows

Sit comfortably around the campfire and grill some marshmallows. Sounds like one...

Tim Nissel Tim Nissel
Sven Nam Karsten Spielpunkt Editors
During his studies, Sven developed into a passionate board gamer who also enjoys dealing with crowdfunding topics.

Revive board game review: A fantastic post-apocalyptic game

The games Trails of Tucana, Santa Maria and The Magnificent by Aporta...

Sven Karsten Sven Karsten

Board game review of For a handful of meeples: A rock-solid mix

Under the name “For a handful of meeples” (based on the well-known western...

Sven Karsten Sven Karsten
avatar photo
Not only has Tim been a big Nintendo fan since childhood, he also studied game design and is responsible for designing video games professionally. But his specialty is games journalism.

Pikmin 4 in the test: strategy game with a special charm

With Pikmin 4, the bustling creatures of the same name return after the release of the...

Tim Rantzau Tim Rantzau

Aldi is closing its digital games shop

The discounters Aldi Nord and Süd are brought together under the Aldi Gaming label...

Tim Rantzau Tim Rantzau

Study on gaming addiction: China's regulations ineffective among young people

Based on seven billion hours of playing time, an international study comes to this conclusion...

Tim Rantzau Tim Rantzau
florian games editorial team
Florian loves board games, especially expert games and expert games, but also trading card games and tabletop games.


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