Echo is coming - and next week. The new Overwatch heroine will be available from April 14th. Blizzard announced this via Twitter, among other things. Echo is now the 32nd character that players of the successful team shooter can access. Echo has been known since its appearance in the animation snippet “Reunion” in 2018.

The fact that Echo lands on the servers now, of all times, acts like a direct response to the Start of the closed beta of Riot's new team shooter Valorant. Regardless of the reason: On April 14th, the Overwatch hero team will finally get reinforcements again.

Overwatch heroine Echo gets plenty of it

Echo is once again a pure damage dealer who can also buy a lot for it. Either it hits enemies from a distance with a triple shot or acts around itself with cluster bombs in order to cause noticeable chest damage.

Echoes can rattle enemies from the air. Image: Blizzard

Death from above: Echo can rattle enemies from the air. Image: Blizzard

Echo becomes really dangerous to opponents and opposing barriers that are already in place. With her laser, the blue lady causes additional damage to targets with less than 50 percent health. In addition, there is their agility: High jumps or flight inserts are also possible thanks to the Mercy-like concept.

Echos Ultimate is one of the most exciting in the game. When the ability is charged and ready, Echo can simply copy another hero for a short time. But that's not all: the resulting clone has an increased loading rate in relation to the Ultimate, so that it can be used multiple times. This makes Echos Ultimate extremely flexible and can be perfectly adapted to the respective game situation. It remains to be seen whether there will be any balancing problems.

One thing is certain: If Echo is available on the servers on April 14th, then she will be the last heroine to be implemented in Overwatch until the release of Overwatch 2.

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