The Easter Bunny has games in its luggage and wants to make you happy in times of the Corona crisis. To make things a little more entertaining at home, we have packed a package for this year's Easter raffle: You can win a copy of the Crimson Company's Deluxe Edition and the new “The Other Side” expansion.

Both were kindly made available to us by Dario Reinhardt and Fabian Fischer.

Finally Easter - and then, of all things, a virus thwarted the colorful family celebration. To bring some joy into your home, we are holding an Easter competition in which you can win a deluxe edition of the two-player card game “Crimson Company” and the brand new expansion “Thor Other Side”.

It could soon be on your shelves: Crimson Company and its extension. Photo: André Volkmann

It could soon be on your shelves: Crimson Company and its extension. Photo: André Volkmann


There are quite a few players for whom the Crimson Company is a favorite in dueling games. Our author Marko also did that Basic game as well as the extension The Other Side looked at - and found it to be good.

This is what it's about: Two players compete against each other with their mercenary armies. Strategically clever decisions are the focus of the game process, the luck factor is largely eliminated. The highlight is the innovative concept. Instead of simply playing cards out of hand, commanders always interact with the battlefield - i.e. the table display.

And because the card game apparently provides entertainment, you shouldn't miss the chance to win a set consisting of the base game and expansion.

This is how you can participate:
As always, our competition terms and conditions apply here can find. Our board game friends from Austria and Switzerland are also eligible to participate.
To take part in our Easter competition, all you have to do is to leave a comment under this post and us in it reveal how you spent the Easter days in times of the Corona crisis and what good tips you can give others so that neither frustration nor boredom arise.
Small note: The comments appear after they have been activated by the admin, so don't panic after they have been sent 😉
You have a week until April 19th. Then the competition ends at 23.59:XNUMX p.m. and we will determine the winner from all participants who have left a comment under this entry. So that we can also inform you: Please remember to leave a valid email address.
Happy Easter wishes you all Spielpunktteam – and of course good luck!

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