Everspace 2 will start in early access later, the developers have announced to Rockfish, who state that they have made the decision for strategic reasons. The time has come in January 2021. But: In order to shorten the waiting time, all backers of the Kickstarter campaign get access to the “closed beta” of the space shooter.

After the postponement of Cyberpunk 2077, the next game has now hit: Everspace 2 by Rockfish. The early access phase for the space game will not begin until January 2021, which has its roots in an extremely successful predecessor, but is conceptually significantly different.

Not Corona, but Cyberpunk is to blame!

There is a strategy behind the decision and a comprehensible reason: Because the target groups of Cyberpunk 2077 and Everspace 2 could well overlap, the Hamburg studio Rockfish decided to postpone it.

Michael Schade, CEO & co-founder of Spieleschmiede explains: “Porting the original Everspace to consoles of the last generation was quite a challenge for us at the time. So we can well imagine how much more complex it is to port such a big title as Cyberpunk 2077 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

You know from the Everspace community that there is a “fairly large target group overlap between the two titles”. Therefore, the developers have decided to postpone the release to January. "We are aware that this will cause further displeasure, but to compete with what is arguably the most anticipated video game in history is simply not a good idea," said Schade.

To give the whole thing a positive twist, Rockfish will provide all eligible Kickstarter backers with keys for the “Closed Beta” on November 2nd. In this way, players can play the first ten hours of Everspace 2 a month earlier. "We are also planning to give away 200 additional closed beta keys through media partners and our weekly community streams to keep a few more space pilots happy," said the Rockfish CEO.

Everspace 2 focuses on collecting XP. Image: Rockfish

Everspace 2 focuses on collecting XP. Image: Rockfish

The developers will not remain inactive in the meantime, and have not been before. For the first time, the team reveals details of the crafting system, which will already be included in the Early Access version: Tonight from 20 p.m. (CEST) in the live stream.

As in every looter shooter, depending on the style and skill of the game, defeating opponents and completing low-level quests is necessary in order to advance in the story campaign. Since the rewards can usually not be used for further character development and equipment due to the lower level, the new crafting system comes into play at this point, in order to produce equipment from supposed junk. Primary weapons, secondary weapons as well as ship modules can be improved and, in the course of the game, increasingly rare blueprints for the production of epic weapons and equipment can be collected.

In addition, Rockfish Games presents the first details of the Gunship, a heavy, armed to the teeth subclass, with a devastating 360 ° swiveling, automated turret as the ultimate special ability. 

There's a on Steam free demo of Everspace 2 is available for storage, management and analysis.

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