Electronic Arts is expanding its American football portfolio. After Madden NFL, the publisher will now also bring a video game from the college football area to the market. EA has now announced this for a cooperation with CLC, the college licensing company. The developers are already working on EA Sports College Football. There is no release date yet.

The College Football project will move forward “in the coming years”, Electronic Arts has not yet announced a release date. Now it is certain that Electronic Arts is bringing the college football brand back to gaming screens. In 2004, NCAA Football, a licensed sports game, ran until 2014. According to Electronic Arts, the offshoots of the series sold tens of millions of copies. The revival of the franchise is no accident: In recent years, college football has grown in popularity in parallel with the NFL franchise.

Football Games: There's Life Before the NFL

Fans will soon be able to let the egg fly again in college - and not just as a decoupling from Electronic Arts' main football series Madden NFL, which is already the number 21 branch spawned, which meanwhile in an all around improved version is also available for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

"We heard from the millions of passionate fans who are calling for the return of college football video games," said Cam Weber, EA SPORTS EVP and GM. You love the energy, tradition, and pomp of college football. Weber confirms that the new old franchise is "back in development". "We have a lot of really exciting work ahead of us and a great team that is looking to bring a new game out for the fans in the next few years."

NCAA Football 14 was released in 2013:


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The CLC as licensor is also pleased about the cooperation with Electronic Arts. Even more, however, about reviving a popular college football franchise series. "The college soccer video game connects passionate fans with college brands and introduces new fans to the tradition, thrill and matchday experiences that make college football unique," said CLC CEO Cory Moss.

More than 100 institutions including logos, stadiums, jerseys and the trimmings that distinguish the respective teams are part of the license. So Electronic Arts is actually going to bring a college football sports simulation as close to reality as possible. However, this does not apply to the images of the college players. There will be no names, pictures and similarities, but EA Sports will closely follow the developments in this regard.

Electronic Arts has not announced a release date, but it could still be some time before the game appears. EA explicitly states that a date will be given while the project is being worked on in the coming years. Sounds like you're just starting out on a long journey.

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