The Canadian development studio EA Motive is working on a "unique Star Wars experience". Studio boss Patrick Klaus revealed this in an interview to There is not much more information, but it is now certain that a new title in the Star Wars universe is in development.

The Canadian arm of Electronic Arts was founded by Jade Raymond in 2015, but has long since left EA Motive. Your post took over with Patrick Klaus, a former Ubisoft manager. In one Interview the studio boss has now vaguely indicated the development of a new Star Wars game.

Star Wars next: "A unique Star Wars experience"

According to information from Patrick Klaus, the developers are working on a project that should offer a "unique Star Wars experience". Jade Raymond had already revealed at the time that EA Motive would use a lot of material from Visceral for a Star Wars video game. Their project was canceled in October 2017 when Electronic Arts closed the studio.

Of course, "unique Star Wars experience" does not necessarily mean a video game, but the Emperor himself would have to have his lightning fingers in the game for EA Motive to do anything other than develop games.

Whether the apparently existing material will continue to be used is uncertain. EA Motive may also be working on a completely standalone project. Patrick Klaus says that EA Motive first has to find itself as a development studio. Therefore, they are currently working on finding the “identity” of the studio. You want to find out who you are as a studio and what you do, says Klaus. One way to do that is to publish games - especially successful ones.

Whether lightsabers or blasters will be used in the possible new game: you don't know. Not even if there is any fighting at all. Image rights: EA

Whether lightsabers or blasters will be used in the possible new Star Wars game: you don't know. Not even whether there is any need to fight. Image rights: EA

A Star Wars game could do that. EA Motive has already gained experience with Star Wars. The studio supported DICE in the development of Star Wars: Battlefront 2. In any case, it will be time for Electronic Arts after the grandiose Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order to bring more titles from the franchise to the market in order to use the license. 

Except for the two Battlefront games and Jedi Fallen Order, no titles have made it to market. On the contrary: Electronic Arts has suspended several projects since 2013. Hopefully the EA Motive title will now have a different fate.

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