Motivated and with a new face, the Kaufland Hangry Knights are starting their premiere in Division 2 of the League of Legends Prime League today. Kaufland accompanies the e-sports team as the main sponsor and draws a positive interim conclusion after the first year: In addition to the sporting success, the company was able to significantly increase its profile among e-sports fans.

The Kaufland Hangry Knights' first year in the Prime League was a very successful one. From the lowest level, the newly founded team managed to march straight through to the second-highest German league. In addition, the newcomers in the Prime Super Cup caused a sensation by beating teams from the first division, among others.

Kaufland increases visibility in the gaming community

Jan Fragstein aka SevenArmy, Kai Schwarzkopf aka Tlamp, Timo Götz aka InDeed and Simon Menne aka Flay want to build on these successes in 2023 as well. They are reinforced by Lennart Warkus alias Jaeger. The 26-year-old comes from the FC Schalke 04 e-sports team and has already played in the top division in recent years. The new signing will replace Benjamin Micic aka Crowno who is looking for a new challenge.

“The anticipation in the team is huge. Everyone loves this season. Due to the early start of the season, the preparation time was correspondingly short, but we have worked well and intensively in the past few days. Nevertheless, shortly before the start of the season, there is a bit of curiosity about how far we have come," says coach Sebastian Bauersachs.
There are a total of ten teams from all over Germany in Prime League Division 2, which will compete against each other in league mode in a back and forth series until the end of February.

From Kaufland's point of view, the premiere year in the gaming sector was also successful. "As the main sponsor, we supported a young and talented team in celebrating great sporting successes," says Christoph Schneider, Managing Director Marketing Germany at Kaufland.

In addition to the sporting activities, the players also created digital content related to Kaufland products. For example, product challenges or joint cooking sessions with nutritionist Dr. Alexa Ivan. This content resonated well on the Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok platforms. "Overall, we significantly increased the reach and visibility of the Kaufland brand in the gaming community last year with the Kaufland Hangry Knights," says Christoph Schneider.

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