The new 1.3.0 update for Dying Light 2 Stay Human fixes a number of co-op issues and delivers all-new endgame content requested by the community. Also, New Game + will be added to the game on April 27th.

NG+ mode will be available to all players who have finished the main game. It allows players to revisit The City, relive the story and make different choices than the first playthrough. In addition to a new scaling of the opponents, a higher level of difficulty and bonuses are introduced.

New Game+ gains first pass progress

In NG+ keep the gamesteach the progress of their first adventure. But that's not all, because with NG+ comes many new adjustments in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. In this new game mode, players can find 30 new Inhibitors hidden in less obvious places to maximize their characters' health and stamina. In addition, the difficulty level of the opponents now adapts to Aiden's level. For those looking for even more challenging battles, Techland has prepared encounters with golden markers. These special encounters provide a real challenge for experienced pilgrims and are packed with special enemies of all varieties. In the new quest called "Something Big Has Been Here" there are also new enemies waiting to surprise players with mutated infected and new attacks.

New challenges and encounters will reward players with higher deposits of "legendary" weapons and valuable items. For players who prefer collecting titles to prizes, Techland has added a new Parkour Challenge Platinum medal based on players' best scores.

Alongside the new features in update 1.3.0, Techland has also fixed a number of bugs related to co-op mode, including some remaining "dead loops". Added a FOV slider for console players to change perspective (PS5 and Xbox Series X only). The full list of numerous additional bug fixes and enhancements is posted on the Dying Light 2 Stay Human Steam page and published on social channels.

In the new episode of At The Fish Eye there is more information about the new update from the developers.

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