The season of Dying Light 2: Stay Human is currently preoccupying the internet: the graphics shared by the official Dying Light Twitter account represent a very specific style of gameplay. The makers are now communicating this. Dying Light 2 Stay Human gives players a variety of ways to play the way they want.

Dying Light 500: Stay Human only has 2 hours of playtime if you really want to enjoy the game down to the last detail. A focused run-through of the main Dying Light 2 story can be completed in approximately 20 hours; some players will need a little more, some less.

Stay Human: 20 hours of campaign plus side quests

Completing all of the side quests, engaging with the backstory of the world, and engaging with all of the characters can easily take 80 hours or more, depending on your play style. Dying Light 2 takes place in a complex world full of content that is structured both horizontally and vertically.

The campaign playing time is still significantly longer than that of its predecessor. For comparison, completing the main story and side quests in the original Dying Light took about 30 hours, but many players put hundreds of hours into the game.

But where did the information circulating on the Internet about the 500 hours of playtime on Dying Light 2 come from? It was not thought up, but viewed from a very special point of view: According to the internal QA tests, it takes around 500 hours to see everything the game has to offer, according to a clarification. So the maximum is achieved when you want to find every collectible, listen to every dialogue, find every Easter egg, achieve every possible ending and visit every corner of the world.

"We're fortunate to have a very passionate fan base that has kept returning to the original Dying Light for the past seven years, and we know they can't wait to get lost in our latest work," says Techland . Incidentally, the roadmap for content after the launch is already being planned there.

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