2D puzzle platformer Duru: About Mole Rats and Depression is out today. The German indie title accompanies the gray mollusk Tuli on her journey through the South African steppes in search of food and resources for her community. She is accompanied by Bel, a manifesto of her depression, which is clearly making her days and thus any work more difficult. Duru launches today at 18 p.m. on Steam for PC and MAC.

In a South African gray mole rat colony, each member has a job to do. As a gatherer, Tuli supports her community by collecting food and other resources. However, when a mysterious black creature begins to follow her, draining her passion and patience, Tuli's work becomes more and more exhausting every day.

Solve mysteries, overcome depression

Players must learn to come to terms with the presence of the dark shadow Bel and overcome it on an emotional journey through Tuli's colony and surroundings. A manifestation of the Depression developing in Tuli, Bel acts against Tuli's best interests by eating items, moving objects, and generally being a nuisance. Players learn to adapt to Bel's presence by working around the shadow creature, while Tuli jumps, paints, and interacts with the colony members.

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Players master puzzles and various platforming challenges by drawing objects into the scenery. In order to harness Bel's destructive tendencies and turn them into positive opportunities, players must create off-the-cuff solutions to puzzles. Players interact with the other colony members and Bel through beautifully composed, wordless pictograms that convey emotion and meaning without language.

"We hope that Duru - About Mole Rats and Depression can shine a spotlight on the mental health issues that so many of us struggle with," said Kerstin Schuett, narrative designer at Twisted Ramble. "With today's launch on Steam, we want to remind gamers that there is color even in the dark."

Duru - About Mole Rats and Depression is available on Steam for Windows PC and Mac, priced at $19,99. A Nintendo Switch version is also planned.

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