Ravensburger has presented its innovations for spring 2022, including Dungeons, Dice and Danger, a dice game from the roll-and-write genre. Down in the dungeons, the name says it all in the game by Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering.

Until now, Ravensburger wasn't exactly known for its roll-and-write games - that could change now. With Dungeons, Dice and Danger, the publisher has included a new dice game in its portfolio that can advertise with a big name from the scene: Richard Garfield. The father of the trading card game Magic: The Gathering invites players to explore the depths of the dungeons.

Roll and write for connoisseurs

Ravensburger is releasing the dice game Dungeons, Dice and Danger under the Alea label. That alone indicates that this is a title at the level of connoisseurs. Richard Garfield has already proven that as a game designer he is particularly good at developing card games, but not exclusively – the genre of roll-and-write games was new territory for the experienced author.

In any case, Ravensburger/Alea is following the ongoing trend. The genre is currently proving to be alive. Dungeons, Dice and Danger's name says it all: the players go into the deepest depths of the dungeon, where unbelievable treasures slumber. But unfortunately also fearsome monsters. Danger looms, but wealth and fame beckon. And so the players make their way through the dungeon, chase away monsters with the dice and collect treasures in the same way. Whoever has accumulated the greatest wealth at the end wins.

The dice game is aimed at up to 4 players, ages 12 and up, but can also be played alone. Ravensburger's suggested retail price is 24,99 euros.

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