At the Game Awards 2021, Funcom unveiled the 4X RTS game Dune: Spice Wars, which is being developed by Shiro Games, the makers of Northgard. In Dune: Spice Wars, players fight for supremacy on the planet Arrakis and control of the most important substance in the universe: Spice. To do this, they can choose between different factions, bring their opponents to their knees with political intrigue or technological superiority, or seek open war. The title will appear in Early Access on PC as early as 2022.

Publisher Funcom and developer Shiro Games today announced Dune: Spice Wars, a real-time strategy game with 4X elements based on Frank Herbert's popular novel Dune. The title will appear in Early Access on PC as early as 2022. Dune: Spice Wars is the first game based on the Dune-IP to be published by Funcom and should not be confused with the open-world survival game developed by the studio itself.

Dune universe as the setting for real-time strategy

Dune: Spice Wars was part of today's Game Awards show in Los Angeles and is being developed by the same team that created the 2017 media and fan-acclaimed RTS Northgard. The CEO of Shiro Games, Sebastian Vidal, is pleased that the team can bring the world of Dune to life with their expertise in strategy games:

“I think I'm speaking for everyone at Shiro Games when I say we're all huge fans of Dune - both the novel and the new, spectacular film by Denis Villeneuve. That we can bring this universe to life in a strategy game is unbelievable. "

“The Dune universe is the perfect setting for a strategy game. There are large factions, like House Atreides and House Harkonnen, with centuries of rivalry. There is political intrigue, betrayal and war, all about the most valuable substance in the universe: Spice. And then there's the stage itself. Arrakis is a hostile planet full of hidden wonders. Giant sandworms that can devour entire armies, sandstorms, harvesting factories - they were all built into the game by our great development team, ”he says.

Dune: Spice Wars has several playable factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and different ways to achieve the ultimate goal: control of the Spice on Arrakis. Players can send agents to sabotage, spy on and assassinate their opponents, they can find political ways to influence the Landsraad and obtain beneficial decisions, amass incredible fortunes to defeat the other houses through sheer technological and economic superiority - or they can simply seek open war.

Trailer for Dune - Spice Wars

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