With the Line in the Sand update, Dune: Spice Wars gets even bigger. The update brings a lot of new content and improvements to the game and fulfills a number of requests from the community.

These include new features such as player statistics and Landsraad display, but also new regions, advisor improvements and starting spawn points. The 4X real-time strategy game is currently available in Early Access on Steam and is scheduled for release this year.

Dune: Spice Wars celebrates release in 2023

Dune: Spice Wars, the 4X real-time strategy game from Northgard developer Shiro Games and co-publisher Funcom, expands again with today's Line in the Sand update. Shiro Games has added a lot of new content since the beginning of Early Access, including multiplayer, a new faction, flying units, new buildings and much more.

Today's update adds new content and improves existing ones. This also includes some wishes from the community. Players can now review and brag about their performance through a much-requested feature: player stats. The balance and AI of the military units have also been further adjusted.

In addition, map generation and starting spawn points have been improved to allow for a more balanced game start. A Landsraad display has been added showing the different phases of the complex system and making it easier to keep track of them. There are also new regions, military equipment, village traits, espionage operations, advisor improvements and much more.

Designed for fans of Dune's complex universe, Dune: Spice Wars provides the perfect setting for the dramatic relationships of the Great Houses as they compete for control of the Spice. Leading their favorite faction, players achieve their plans by striking when opponents least expect it.

Dune: Spice Wars is leaving Early Access this year. The unique combination of 4X and real-time strategy can be played with friends or solo.

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