After the official announcement of Dune: Spice Wars at the Game Awards, developer Shiro Games and publisher Funcom are now showing gameplay for the 4X real-time strategy game for the first time. The new trailer gives first insights into the game principle, the design and the planet Arrakis. In Dune: Spice Wars, players try to lead their faction to dominion over the planet and Spice. The game is slated for release in Early Access for PC in Spring 2022.

Dune: Spice Wars was unveiled at the Game Awards in December 2021 with a cinematic trailer that delighted many Dune fans. It's the first title in 20 years that takes players back to the inhospitable world of Arrakis. There they must lead one of the major factions to power by gaining control of the most valuable and strategic resource in the entire universe: Spice. Because as everyone knows, whoever controls the spice controls the universe.

Dune Real-Time Strategy: Launching in Early Access

"The Dune universe is very special to us and there are millions of fans who love the original material as much as we do," said Sebastien Vidal, CEO of Shiro Games, the studio behind the successful Northgard. "We're die-hard dune and strategy nerds, so this is clearly a game made by fans for fans."

After the successful release of Denis Villeneuve's epic film last year, this fan base should have grown even more.

Dune: Spice Wars PC Early Access has already been announced for 2022; now Shiro Games and Funcom can report that players can look forward to landing on Arrakis this spring. Several major updates are planned for Steam Early Access, including the introduction of multiplayer, more factions, and a fully-fledged campaign.

In addition to being the publisher of Dune: Spice Wars, Funcom is also working on an open-world multiplayer survival title set in the Dune universe. The company has the exclusive rights to develop and publish video games based on the Dune IP for PC and consoles.


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