Pegasus Spiele brings a new board game to Dune on the market. In waves there are always licenses that are more clearly exploited than others. This time it is Frank Herbert's Dune - Der Wüstenplanet, which is given more than one title on the occasion of its successful theatrical release. For SPIEL'21, Portal Games is launching a detective-like board game based on the original license from Legendary Entertainment. In this country, the Dune board game appears exclusively through Pegasus Spiele, the publisher itself announced.

For SPIEL'21, Portal Games is releasing the board game for the current hit movie Dune, based on the science fiction classic by Frank Hebert. Based on the gameplay of Detective - A Crime Board Game, the players immerse themselves in Dune - Secrets of the Houses deep into the dystopian world of the desert planet. In addition, as part of SPIEL'21, a new part of the signed series for Detective, Smarty Spürnasen, an espionage adventure at the time of the Cold War, Vienna Connection, and the eerily beautiful circus game Dreadful Circus will be released. All Portal Games innovations appear exclusively through Pegasus Spiele.

"Dune - secrets of houses" is not the only novelty

Board games that tell stories. With the four new products from Portal Games, the Polish publisher around Ignacy Trzewiczek is once again implementing its own philosophy par excellence. With the board game Dune - Secrets of the Houses, one to four players aged 14 and over can experience the story of the desert planet at home at home. In the adventure game inspired by the blockbuster film, the players join the resistance against the house of Harkonnen. To aid the rebellion, they complete a series of missions with limited time and resources. On their way they experience an extraordinary story full of adventure, intrigue and conflict. It is impossible to experience all encounters, because the story changes depending on the decisions the players make and the sacrifices they make.

Dune - secrets of the houses is mechanically based on the successful game Detective, which was nominated for the Kennerspiel des Jahres in 2019 and for the "innoSPIEL" award and was among the top 10 of the German Games Prize. However, the feel of the independent part of the author trio Ignacy Trzewiczek, Weronika Spyra, Jakub Poczęty (story by Przemysław Rymer) is completely different. In a prologue and three main chapters, the players experience a gripping story full of unique encounters and unexpected twists. They do not have any files or the like available for this purpose. Instead, they draw encounter cards that advance the adventure and take them to different locations in Tel Gezer. Two detailed maps from Dune and Tel Gezer ensure better orientation during the game and an unforgettable immersive experience. Thanks to the prologue, which introduces the players to all the rules, the entry hurdle into the game is easy to overcome for both experienced board players and newcomers. Short videos, which can be accessed via an online platform, also provide further background information on the chapters.

If you want to stay true to the basic game by Detective, you can look forward to the one that is also expected at SPIEL´21 second part of the signed series for Detective be happy. After double bottom, the players in the new part, Clever Noses, developed by Mike Selinker, Liz Spain, Skylar Woodies and the Lone Shark Games team, have to solve a case involving a tiger attack. The new expansion introduces pets as new animal companions who actively support one to five investigators thanks to their unique abilities.

The Vienna connection, Portal Games' third October novelty in the Detective game world, one to five end-players aged 16 and over slip into the roles of CIA agents during the Cold War. Inspired by true events, they investigate a murder case involving a battered American corpse in the cooperative deduction game by Ignacy Trzewiczek and Jakub Poczęty (story by Jakub Łapot and Przemysław Rymer). In four missions from Vienna they carry out covert operations throughout Central Europe, collect information, follow up on leads and analyze data. Instead of the digital Antares database, almost 100 document pages are available to you.

The fourth novelty from Portal Games takes a group of four to eight players to a very special circus experience. Breathtaking unbelievable things, crazy clowns and delicious sweets promise a very special circus evening. How special this one becomes, that is what the gamblers can tell Dreadful Circus in your own hands, because it is up to you to design your circus performance in such a way that the audience is astonished and amazed. To do this, they have to prove their negotiating skills every round in order to win attractions and exceptional talents such as the fearless Ngozi or the unerring Odal. Dreadful Circus is a gruesomely beautiful connoisseur game from 14 years of age by Bruno Faidutti, in which the players penetrate deeply into the craziest and darkest corners of their imagination every round and put together an unforgettable performance

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