There is still no date for the release of Dune: Imperium, the new deck building board game with worker placement trick from Dire Wolf. In return, the developers are gradually granting further insights into the development of the title. It is now clear: the new Dune board game will also offer a solo mode and a variant for two, then in conjunction with an accompanying app.

Dire Wolfs Board game Dune: Empire is based on two basic mechanics: deck building and worker placement. Now the creators have published further details in a kind of developer diary. Because it was feared that fewer players could have a negative effect on the gaming experience, an app has now been improved to make the game attractive for two and to be able to offer a solo mode in this way.

Dune board game: Automa opponents should cause drama

Developers' concerns revolve around the negative impact of reducing player interactions. Easier: If fewer players participate, it is less exciting. As Director of Design at Dire Wolf, Paul Dennen, explains, "With fewer players, there's a risk that the excitement and drama will be lost." The solution that was most suitable for Dune had already been used in other games: automated opponents.

The first glance at the material leaves room for speculation. Image rights: Dire Wolf Digital

The first glance at the material leaves room for speculation. Image rights: Dire Wolf Digital

The two-player version with app support is somewhat different, however: players compete against the Hagal house, which has its own deck but does not collect resources or victory points. For players there are simply additional challenges because the Automa opponent still carries out actions and thus influences the course of the game. This applies, among other things, to participating in the conflicts, which will be a playful core element alongside worker placement. The solo mode is completely different. The game then turns out to be more classic: The individual player competes against automated opponents who can actually win the game. Players can choose from four levels of difficulty. The AI ​​can turn resources into victory points and use conflicts for points.

As Dire Wolf confirms, a companion app will be released for Dune: Imperium that will help carry out both duo and solo modes. The program should be available for smartphones and tablets so that the deck of the Hagal house can be controlled via mobile devices. In the board game, players control the fate of various ruling houses that are fighting for control of the Spice trade.

Dune: Imperium is based on the SciFi story by Frank Herbert, which will be released in cinemas as a new film. The film was recently postponed for around a year. The board game by Dire Wolf - among other things responsible for Klong! as well as various digital board game adaptations - not yet.

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