For the board game Dune: Imperium, Dire Wolf Digital has given fans a glimpse of the game material and the design of the game box. Based on the Legendary Pictures license, the creators of "Klong!" are crafting a deck building board game with a worker placement touch. It is still unknown when the title, which is based on the remake of the science fiction classic Dune, will be released.

You take what you can get. It's not easy for fans waiting for Dire Wolf Digital's Dune: Imperium to be released. The board game is very enjoyable, but there is hardly any information. Details are not known about the exact course of the game, nor how the mechanics interlock. Now Dire Wolf Digital has at least given a glimpse behind the scenes.

Dune: Imperium is deck building game with worker placement

Dune: Imperium is set in the world of Frank Herbert's The Desert Planet, that's a fact. It has also been confirmed that the new board game will be a mix of deck building and worker placement. In the meantime, the makers have published at least two graphics that show the design of the box and give a look at the game material and some of the content.

Fans can see how the tokens and meeples as well as the game board are designed. Much more exciting: The style of the illustrations is also recognizable - and the characters and units that you can see there are convincing. The orientation is clearly on the new film and not on the nostalgic classic.

The first glance at the material leaves room for speculation. Image rights: Dire Wolf Digital

The first glance at the material leaves room for speculation. Image rights: Dire Wolf Digital

There is now also a foretaste of the course of the lap. It is also clear that strengthening and manipulating influence will play a major role. This promises playful excitement and fits the setting of Dune, in which several houses are fighting for rule. Combat operations will also be regular, and probably massive, at Dune: Imperium. Asymmetries are also possible, at least that's what the leader cards suggest. It is also likely that cards can be used to build combos.

Dire Wolf Digital is responsible for the implementation of Dune: Imperium. As the maker of the deck-building game "Klong!" - published in this country by Verlag Schwerkraft - it is at least not unlikely that elements from this game will also come into play in Dune: Imperium. Dire Wolf was also able to gain experience in the field of digital board games. Among other things, adaptations of Räuber der Nordsee or the digital adaptation of come from the developers Root.

When Dune: Empire will be released is still unknown. A release date is not known, the game may be rolled out parallel to the start of the movie.

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