The strategic board game Dune: Imperium by Paul Dennen gets a new expansion. As announced by Dire Wolf, the title will be "Immortality". The new content for the Dune board game published in German via Asmodee is expected to be released later this year.

Dune: Empire is a perennial favorite. The board game published in this country by Asmodee - originally by Dire Wolf Digital - entered the race as a candidate for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2022 award, but had to stand out there Living Forest give up. Nonetheless, the game is one of them best board games of the current vintage.

Dune: Imperium - Immortality

With Rise of Ix is Dune: Empire has already been expanded - and the new content is mandatory for fans of the title. The tactical portfolio has been expanded, and the fun in the game has increased accordingly. Dire Wolf Digital has now announced the next expansion for Dune: Imperium. Immortality focuses on the Bene Tleilax - masters of manipulating human genes. Among other things, organ dealers. One of their skills is cloning people with special traits - as evidenced by Duncan Idaho.

"While the Great Houses wage war, the Bene Tleilax advance their own agenda by trading genetic innovations," Dire Wolf Digital writes about the new expansion for Dune: Imperium. Immortality Dune: Empire in multiple directions. Players can make shady deals with the Tlilaxu to obtain genetically modified species. The strategic focus is on scientific research. "Combine cards to strengthen your agents," Dire Wolf explains succinctly.

With Dune: Imperium – Immortality, a new Bene Tleilax research bar is introduced into the game. This way you can unlock new skills. A new keyword comes into play for the cards: Graft. As with Reise of Ix, new strategic options are to be expected that will make the gameplay more complex and more complex. Will this expansion for Dune: Imperium also become a must-buy? That remains to be seen. In any case, the chances of that happening are high.

Dune: Imperium is a strategy board game by Paul Dennen for one to four players. The concept relies on a mixture of worker placement and deck building against the background of a race for points. Rise was Ix was the first expansion for the board game - their only point of criticism: the somewhat inflated price for the material on offer.

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