Funcom today announced Dune: Awakening, a new open-world survival MMO for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Dune: Awakening is a collaboration with Legendary Entertainment, takes place on Arrakis and is inspired by Frank Herbert's books and the Oscar-winning film directed by Denis Villeneuve. At the same time, the game explores exciting new possibilities in the Dune universe.

At the announcement during gamescom Opening Night Live, the new cinematic trailer was unveiled, already providing a foretaste of the game. The game can be added to the wishlist on Steam. Those interested can also apply at register for the beta. Details on this will be announced at a later date. In any case, with the survival title Conan Exiles, Funcom has previously created a good basis for making a similarly good survival game out of Dune-Linzenz.

Survive in an open desert world

Dune: Awakening combines the rigor and creativity of survival games with the social interaction of large, multiplayer, multiplayer titles that last for years to create a unique and challenging open-world survival MMO. Survival is the first objective before players fight for supremacy over a vast and boundless Arrakis shared with thousands of others.

Secrets and riches await in uncharted territory before the sandstorms alter the landscape. Players build their lair into a powerful base, narrowly avoiding sandworms and exploring the dunes in some of the iconic vehicles.

Players hunt down Spice fields and use their harvesters to protect them from rival factions. The fast-paced combat seamlessly transitions from battles in armored ground vehicles to ornithopter battles in the sky. Carefully planned intrigues will increase influence within the Landsraad and plan your rise to power.

Rui Casais, CEO of Funcom, said: “Dune: Awakening is undoubtedly the biggest project in Funcom's 30-year history. I believe that we are creating something really unique in the open world survival genre. Being able to explore a universe we all love so passionately in a whole new way is a great honor.”

VP of Interactive Media at Legendary Entertainment, Sam Rappaport, adds, “Dune: Awakening truly promises to bring the world of Dune to life in an exciting new way. In Funcom, we have a partner that is exceptionally adept at capturing the detail and wonder of cinematic worlds for gaming audiences.”

Since the early 90s, Funcom has been constantly working to create unforgettable experiences in existing IPs. This includes online worlds like Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, The Secret World and Conan Exiles. Now Funcom is eyeing Arrakis for the developer's most challenging project to date.

Dune: Awakening will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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