The traditional Hessian publisher Ulisses Spiele and developer Owned by Gravity are releasing a new work from the epic world of "The Black Eye" on May 25th. Forgotten Fables – Wolves on the Westwind is available on Steam and Gamesplanet for PC, iPhone and iPad in the Apple App Store for €17,99.

The Wolves on the Westwind Deluxe Edition will be released at the same time and will contain the main game, the exclusive art book The Art and World of Wolves on the Westwind, the analogue solo adventure The Vampire of Havena and the game's soundtrack. A physical version of the deluxe edition with a color printed art book as a hardcover version is now available in the Ulisse's F shop be pre-ordered.

Visual novel Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the Westwind

Set in the well-known fantasy world of Aventuria, Wolves on the Westwind challenges players to make the right choices in order to survive a hunt against a newly awakened evil. But who is the hunter and who is the hunted? Players take on the role of veteran warrior Alrik or young sorceress Nedime, unsuspecting heroes who must traverse the icy landscapes of Thorwal to find and defeat the eldritch menace. Players travel across the realm aboard the Thorwalian predatory ship Wolfsfang, forging alliances with the unusual crew or making enemies with them.

Choices are at the heart of Wolves on the Westwind. Each decision can take the heroes down a different path, attract new companions, alter the story, and unlock multiple endings. The game's RPG elements make it even more action-packed: casting spells, performing maneuvers, while keeping an eye on health and mana at all times. Each attack must be chosen with care, because you might need your power later on a heavier opponent.

With the Wolves on the Westwind Deluxe Edition, players get an even more immersive feeling of the unique fantasy world of Aventuria. It contains an exclusive art book, the solo adventure The Vampire of Havena and the official soundtrack. The Wolves on the Westwind Artbook is a treasure trove of in-game illustrations and background information on The Dark Eye and the region and culture of Thorwal, as well as information and data to guide the adventure itself in DSA5.

The Vampire of Havena is a solo RPG experience that can be played without a master or teammates. Players slip into the role of a stray who was born and raised in Havena. Only those who face the challenges and perfect their skills can survive this adventure. The game's soundtrack contains nine atmospheric pieces by the renowned composer team of Yannick Suess and Robinbirner. Featuring authentic Scandinavian and medieval instruments, these tracks transport listeners straight into the world of Aventuria.

features of Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the West Wind

  • Visual novel in Aventuria, the legendary fantasy world from the role-playing classic "The Dark Eye"
  • Around 15 hours of playing time, divided into different narrative chapters
  • Choice of two main characters with different abilities and backstories
  • Players can discover over 30 characters and different scenarios depending on the choices they make
  • Replayable, branching storyline with multiple alternate endings and side quests dependent on player choices
  • RPG-light gameplay with magic spells, unique maneuvers, astral and life points
  • Great soundtrack and illustrations that guarantee immersion in the epic world of the Black Eye

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