Independent developer Jay Tholen and acclaimed balloon artists at Devolver Digital have announced that point-and-click hug venture Dropsy - the heartwarming tale of a terrifying, loveable clown and his journey of self-discovery - is now bringing its warm, wet embrace to the Nintendo Switch will expand.

Originally released in 2015, Dropsy is an unconventional take on the classic point-and-click adventure in which a carefree clown explores a richly detailed world filled with colorful characters and spooky secrets while sharing hugs.

Dropsy - and it gets even weirder

Rather than leading players down a single narrative path, Dropsy's open-world format allows them to freely choose which paths of adventure to explore - and piece together the puzzles and story in any order. This newly updated version features an additional quest line and freshly squeezed cuddle puzzles on Switch and PC.

On his way to clear his name after a deadly circus fire, Dropsy encounters a cast of strange characters with whom he communicates through his unique emoji-based expressions. Challenging and complex puzzles stand between Dropsy and the mysteries behind his hidden past. With clever thinking, tender hugs and the help of his animal friends, Dropsy can defeat evil and win the hearts of those around him.

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