Policeman, astronaut, firefighter, these were real dream jobs for young people. Other jobs are now at the top of the list among 16 to 24-year-olds: e-sports professional, for example. That was the result of a representative study by the survey company YouGov Germany. Even more surprising: even in the group of up to 34-year-olds, one in four can imagine earning their money with virtual sports. 

Almost every third young person dreams of an e-sports career: This is the result of a representative survey by YouGov Germany, which the Federal Game Association commissioned. According to the survey company, 2.034 people took part between October 26 and 29, and the results obtained are representative of the German population aged 16 and over.

Survey shows: e-athletes are role models

Instead of firefighter, astronaut, archaeologist or doctor, e-athletes are now in the top positions among the dream jobs. What sounds relaxed turns out to be a real tough job. Anyone who has ever seen a report about the life and daily work of esports professionals will be surprised that so many young people are emulating it. In fact, almost every third person between the ages of 16 and 24 dreams of a career as a professional e-athlete. At least that's what the results of the YouGov survey suggest. Wanting to turn your hobby into a job is not a modern desire. Because hobbies have changed over the decades, the image of a dream job has apparently also changed.

The Federal Association of the German Games Industry has commissioned the study, which has now brought surprising findings to light. 28 percent or 23 million of Germans admire the achievements of professionals in e-sports and 17,4 million see e-athletes as role models, according to one of the results derived from the survey data. It is hardly surprising that e-sports are particularly popular with young people. However, it is more surprising that virtual sport exerts such a strong attraction on significantly more adult players: there is also great interest in the group of 25 to 34-year-olds. One in four can imagine turning their hobby into a job.

The results strengthen the back of e-sports. Graphic: esports player foundation

The results strengthen the back of e-sports. Graphic: esports player foundation

Jörg Adami, managing director of the “E-Sports Player Foundation” (spelling: esports player foundation) sees dormant potential for virtual sport in the survey results. “E-athletes do great things and represent our country at international tournaments”. This means that they are real role models for many young people and young adults and that they are increasingly bearing more responsibility.

“Accordingly, our work not only focuses on improving playful skills but also on the personal development of the best talents. We are convinced that we can support players from Germany as best we can on their way to the top of the world ”, says Adami. The “E-Sports Player Foundation” was founded in January 2020 based on the model of Deutsche Sporthilfe. Its aim is to promote e-sports talents in Germany in a targeted manner and to accompany them on their way to the top of the world. The initiative aims to promote over 2021 talents by the end of 200, currently around 50.

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