The family board game Dragon Land from Gamely Games is available now. Because the publisher offers worldwide shipping, families in this country could also bring the revised new edition of the Ravensburger classic from 2020 - by the legendary author Reiner Knizia - to the table. The game costs around 30 US dollars, which is the equivalent of almost 26 euros.

Anyone who previously thought that Gamelyn Games can only be small and cute or ultra-small and cute is mistaken. The US publisher also has big and cute things on it - with kites. The basic topic is generally well received by families on the gaming table at home.

Dragon Land: Rework of Dragon Land by Ravensburger

Gamelyn Games' new family board game is actually an old one. Ravensburger launched the game based on Reiner Knizia's idea back in 2002. The dragon country was in danger - and apparently still is 18 years later. Reason enough for the US publisher, which has previously implemented games such as Heroes of Land, Air & Sea or the Tiny Epic series, to take up the classic board game and give it a refreshment.

The dice tower is also a material highlight in the new edition. Image rights: Gamelyn Games

The dice tower is also a material highlight in the new edition. Image rights: Gamelyn Games

Two to four players aged nine and over spend around 45 minutes with Dragon Land. The game time has not changed in the new edition, which is also due to the fact that Gamelyn Games did not develop the board game from scratch, but simply polished it. Visually more colorful and with a significantly increased cuddle factor, Dragon Land is still Dragon Land: Players hop from volcano to volcano, collect treasures in the form of gemstones and dragon eggs and try to maximize their score - among other things by completing sets. The game ends as soon as one player has got hold of the last dragon egg. 

The game is aimed primarily at family and casual players, but also addresses children thematically and playfully. Despite the child-friendly look, Dragon Land works with elementary strategic gameplay, but remains a shallow board game overall - albeit with a pretty pretty dice tower.

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