Cleaversoft worked on EarthNight for seven years. After Nintendo announced the independent video game as part of a Nindie presentation in the middle of the year, it will now be released on December 3rd.

The dragon invasion has begun and people are exiled. They live in space colonies orbiting the earth in the hope that one day it will be habitable for them again.

Indie adventure with disparate heroes

To make sure that day comes, two dissimilar heroes embark on an adventure and take on the dragons: Stanley, a sword-wielding photographer, and Sydney, a young girl with superhuman abilities.

Sidney and Stanley - Two dissimilar heroes in the fight against the dragon invasion

Sidney and Stanley - Two dissimilar heroes in the fight against the dragon invasion

Each with their own strengths, they sweep at a rapid pace over the backs of the giant lizards in the direction of the vulnerable head and collect items - for the people in the colonies and for powerful power-ups that help them in battle. The task is not easily done for them, because such dragon backs are treacherous and the earth's atmosphere is full of enemies.

In the more than 10.000 hand-drawn frames there is a great deal of attention to detail that can quickly be lost with the speed of the game. But playing individual levels several times will definitely be worthwhile here, because each one is peppered with little secrets that need to be discovered.


Not only the pictures, but also the soundtrack was lavishly composed and produced using Gameboy hardware. This gives the game a modern 8-bit musical garb that harmonizes with the game's tempo. The OST for EarthNight can be found at Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify.

cleaversofts EarthNight will be released on December 3, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam for Windows PC and Mac and will cost 13,99 euros.

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