As early as 2005, a game appeared on the market for the first time in Japan that was supposed to increase the performance of our brain. It was developed according to the theories of the Japanese brain researcher Ryūta Kawashima. We should increase our mental age through arithmetic, reading, memorizing, and comparing. And even if scientists still argue about whether such games actually have an effect on our gray cells, they are still very popular. Today appears with Dr. Kawashima's brain jogging for Nintendo Switch is another part of the series.

Classics such as mental arithmetic or Sudoku have been adopted from the old series. New here are tasks in which letters have to be arranged into words, multitasking exercises, training of photographic memory and duels for two.

Switch features are well used

The Nintendo Switch conveniently has two JoyCons and is therefore ideal for duels. In these, the counterparties have to prove their ability to react. For example, by counting birds or boxes that appear briefly as quickly as possible - who counts correctly faster?

The use of the IR motion camera on the right JoyCon is new to the brain jogging series. In the official Nintendo trailer, you can see, among other things, how it is used in the rock-paper-scissors.

Dr. Kawashima's brain jogging relies on the use of special switch functions: e.g. the IR motion camera. Source: Nintendo

Dr. Kawashima's brain jogging relies on the use of special switch functions: e.g. the IR motion camera. Source: Nintendo

The fact that membership of Nintendo enables you to brag about your own performance online shouldn't be anything new, as a number of games now support online comparisons by players. Dr. Kawashima will include this possibility. In addition, Nintendo claims that it is working on online world championships, such as those that already exist at Splatoon or Tetris99. There is no more detailed information on this yet.

Hello Mario!

That Dr. Kawashima can also reissue old things, he shows with a reboot of the classic Dr. Mario in a mini-game - the hunt for bacilli is a beautiful homage to the plumber. Another reference to Luigi's big brother can be found in an Easter egg that Nintendo has built into the game: If you tap the little man walking around several times on one of the results screens, you will hear aloud a few minor surprises. Among other things, it whistles “Jump up, Super Star!”, A track from Super Mario Odyssey.


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Dr. Kawashima's brain jogging for Nintendo Switch can be played with both your finger and a stylus. This is included directly in the physical version of the game, but can also be purchased separately. The advantage of the digital download is the price, since the stylus is not required here.

At 26,99 euros, the game is much cheaper than the physical version. If you prefer to play with your finger anyway or already have a stylus, the download is a good choice. The game has been available in both versions since January 3, 2020.

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