The Dork Tower comics by John Kovalic have been appearing in the English original since 1997, and Pegasus Spiele has been publishing selected comic strips online for about a year. With Das Tao des Igor, a new anthology with content that has never been published in German before is now available to coincide with the 25th anniversary. It revolves around the lives of five gaming geeks and a muskrat.

The cult Dork Tower comic strips have been appearing in print for 25 years, and later also digitally, in the English original. For about a year, selected strips can also be found on the Pegasus Games website – every Monday.

The Tao of Igor Once upon Kickstarter

Named after a legendary role-playing adventure, the award-winning comic series chronicles the everyday and playful adventures of a group of gaming geeks and the muskrat, Carson. Topics that keep coming up are board games and role-playing games, but also comics and computer games as well as films and series.

An anthology was financed via Kickstarter in 2018, which has now also been published in German by Pegasus Spiele under the name Das Tao des Igor. On 220 pages it contains popular comic strips, but also brand new material. The individual strips were thus combined into a continuous story and the long-open storyline of the Mud Con, organized by Igor, who also lends his name to the volume, is brought to an end. The Tao of Igor thus creates a basis for future comic strips and is also a perfect starting point for Dork Tower newcomers. The Dork Tower Strips come from the pen of John Kovalic, who already has numerous ideas for further volumes in the world of the Dork Tower.

John Kovalic is also known as the illustrator for many installments in the popular Munchkin series. However, the illustrations in the recently released Munchkin Babys are by Katie Cook. Munchkin Babies still offers the classic Munchkin feeling in a cute version: Armed with the most terrifying objects the toy chest has to offer, the players fight against terrible monsters like the cheek-pinching aunt or the toy troll.

Munchkin Babies is a standalone base set featuring classic fantasy backs that can be combined with other parts of the series for the ultimate Munchkin madness.

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