Finally here: Doom Eternal from Bethesda. Fans have to wait a long time and even have to accept a postponement, now the latest offshoot from the popular first-person shooter series is officially available. Since March 20th, players have been shooting their way through hordes of demons in a rush - and they seem to be doing it en masse. The current Steam Charts show how successful Doom Eternal has started: Over 100.000 players simultaneously cavorted in the virtual worlds at peak times. 

“Finally, Bethesda!” Fans must have thought when Doom Eternal was released on March 20th. After the release date had been postponed by several months into 2020, players couldn't seem to wait to immerse themselves in the visually pretty world.

Doom Eternal: Version for Nintendo Switch follows

The successor to the Doom reboot from 2016 has been well received by gamers so far. Doom Eternal's player numbers speak for themselves: with up to just over 100.000 fans playing at the same time on Steam, the successor clearly overtakes its predecessor.

Even if the statistics of the “simultaneously active players” do not give any direct information about the sales, the signal is clear: Doom Eternal has started extremely successfully.


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Not without reason: the first person shooter looks excellent - but not outstanding - offers a lot of content and a terrific thunderstorm of effects. Non-stop action was the formula for success of the 2016 reboot; Doom Eternal starts there and basically offers a similar concept, but sometimes looks overloaded. There is plenty of action, but not only - and that is exactly the biggest difference to the predecessor. 

Sometimes the slightly different alignment is a matter of taste, but that doesn't make the successor Doom Eternal much worse. It crashes every second - and that pushes the entertainment factor enormously. The “service” has also improved: visual aids support the player in gliding through masses of demons, like a warm knife through butter.

In any case, the flow of the game is there, the pace is high. The “Doomguy” is a kind of Sonic on speed. The “Glory Kill” finishers are particularly impressive when opponents are dismantled into their individual parts or, better, sawn into pieces. All in all, Doom Eternal does not present itself at all like a dull baller orgy - also thanks to a multitude of decisions at the macro level, even if in the end it is one. 

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Doom Eternal is certainly one of the game highlights of 2020 despite minor weaknesses. The wait was definitely worth it for fans. Doom Eternal is available for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 at Google Stadia. For Nintendo Switch, Bethesda's first-person shooter will be released later this year. 

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