Doom Eternal for Nintendo Switch has a release date. Around nine months after the release of the new offshoot of the Doom series, the date for the launch on the Nintendo Switch is known: The game will be released on December 8th, which many fans thought would no longer be on the market come.

Everyone was allowed to go out with the Slayer months ago, only owners of the Nintendo Switch had to wait for an adapted version for the hybrid console. This is over now: Doom Eternal will be released in the coming week.

One thing is certain: Doom Eternal runs on the Nintendo Switch!

With the announcement of the official release date, an important fact is also certain: the graphically opulent and fast-paced action game on other platforms also runs on the Nintendo Switch. Sure, you wouldn't have had to announce the game for Nintendo's console if you weren't sure of getting the game to run smoothly.

Nevertheless, the port is surprising, because one would not necessarily have expected that this game of all things would run with the rather weak console. Somehow Panic Button did it anyway.

A trailer shows what fans of the Nintendo Switch can expect for their version:


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For a long time it was quiet about the version for Nintendo Switch, halfway there were rumors that the game would not make the leap to the Nintendo Switch - that ultimately only applied to the physical version. Doom Eternal appears as a digital download only. Those who pre-ordered the physical version should have received or are still receiving a refund.

Doom Eternal is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia, the version for Nintendo Switch will follow on December 8th. On the other hand, there is no release date for the next-gen upgrades or for Xbox Series X | S and Playstation 5. The first paid expansion “The Ancient Gods” has also long been available, but whether this expansion will also be released for Nintendo Switch remains to be seen.

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