The game forge is again filled with some new and interesting titles. There's even a dragon there right now. This can also be "forged". Just don't wake him up, otherwise it could get too hot in the forge. One project even broke the €100.000 mark this Friday.

Whether and by what unfair means Unfair We can't say from here when he gets his "money". The only thing that is certain is that the game has already reached more than 160% of its own goal and is still in the forge for another 25 days. The second amusement park themed game fairyland has achieved its goal 106% and is still running in the forge for 11 days. Interested parties have one day longer to explore the Spielworxx project for Pilgrim to support. This project is already more than 250% complete. The two financially strongest games are each still available in the forge for six days. Radlands soon reached seven times the set goal of €10.000. has even more money The Dark Quarter collected. The €100.000 mark was broken here at noon today.
This week's three new projects have not yet reached their goals. They take you into space, to a dragon and under water.

The Artemis Odyssey - Reach for the Stars

The artifacts found on Europa as part of the Artemis Project are now helping us reach for the stars. Our task is to penetrate into the depths of space. Everyone takes on a small group of pioneers in this Grimspire project and spreads out into space. You explore planets, build terraformers to help customize the planet to your needs, and build factories to harness the planet's resources. Remnants of alien civilizations can be found on some of these planets, which can be of great use.
The actions are planned face down on the planning board with the action cards. All carry out all actions, but the card owner receives additional special advantages. For example, he can decide which of the resources shown are produced, in which solar system one can travel, what he trades with whom or which scoring option is counted.

In addition, with a building card, everyone can build one figure, but whoever owns the card can build two. Alien artifacts are available on alien planets or when you reach 42 victory points. These secret cards give a one-time effect when played. The game ends when all planets have been discovered or when one person has reached 77 or more points.
In the forge, the game is available as a "simple" edition, with deluxe upgrades including Gametrayz inserts, or as a complete package that includes the game and the deluxe upgrades as well as the Artemis project inklusive Alien Relic & Directives Includes expansion, miniatures, and double-layer punch trays.
The Artemis Odyssey is suitable for 1-5 people or in teams for up to 8 people. It is recommended for ages 14 and up and has a playing time of around 45 minutes.

Currently, just over 50% of the goal has already been achieved. Interested parties still have 26 days to play the game here support.

Hoard - As long as the dragon sleeps, all is well

The dragon guarding a huge treasure is sleeping. This is the opportunity to collect treasures there and steal some from the others. During one turn, the dragon awakens in three stages from tail to head. All choose a character for themselves and take five cards from their hand. The character is placed on one of the hidden cards around the dragon, which can be looked at beforehand. The goal is to collect sets of equal treasures and be the richest at the end of the round. The player whose turn it is may choose from one of four possible actions.

When rolling the dice, you walk one to five steps clockwise or counterclockwise around the dragon, depending on the result. You can then look at the card and decide whether to take it or put it back. If you take the card, it is replaced by a hand card or the top card of the draw pile. The other possible actions are playing a set of three cups to increase the treasure value by three, attacking another player with the sword or calming or waking the dragon with a dragon card. A round ends immediately when the dragon is fully awake, the draw pile is empty, or a person has no more cards in their hand at the beginning of their turn.

At the end of the round, the richest person gets two points and the second-placed person gets one point. If someone has collected a total of five points, that person wins the game.

The dragon sleeps for about 30 minutes. is playable Hoard with 2-6 people. The project is still for 25 days online. Currently, just over 10% of the financing goal has been achieved.

SubDown - Small, fine, cooperative

Auch Mondrian, the third game of the fourth season Little fines, was able to reach his goal this week. Now it goes with SubDown into the fourth round. This is a cooperative game for up to 4 people. In the role of one of the four crew members of a submarine, the players must try to repair three machines in order to get back to the water surface.

For this purpose, a spare part card is revealed in each round. Everyone can now place a marker on this in their turn. If the character's qualification does not match the spare part, an additional marker must be placed in the energy pool from the available side. Alternatively, you can also rest during your turn to make all markers from the energy supply available.
When a spare part has all the required markers, a marker is placed on a machine. Once the machine has been repaired using the spare parts, the players receive a help card. If you manage to repair all the machines before the air runs out, you win the game.

SubDown will be like everyone else little fine ones be available for a week. A few hours after the start, it is already three quarters funded.

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