Star Wars: Squadrons will be available for PC and console in around two weeks. Electronic Arts will presumably keep the release date, because the space shooter has long since gone into the gold phase and will therefore be rolled out on time. In order to bridge the waiting time, EA has now published a video that is around seven minutes long - and it has it all.

The short computer film entitled “Hunted” runs for seven minutes - and you can watch the film snippet several times in a row. Electronic Arts leaves the marketing machinery around two weeks before the release of Star Wars: Squadrons really start and present a bombastic work with the CGI.

Seven minutes of Star Wars action

With the short film “Hunted” Electronic Arts focuses on the imperial pilot Varko Gray, leader of the Titan Squadron. The animated short film shows plenty of action, a lot of Star Wars, but also a little drama in around seven minutes. Originated in the film snippet from a cooperation between the developers EA Motive and Lucasfilm at the ILM.

The content of “Hunted” is directly linked to the story of the space shooter. Varko Gray is one of the main characters in Star Wars: Squadrons and will also be featured as part of the game's campaign. The short film shows how the imperial armed forces are surprisingly attacked by the New Republic and have to withdraw. Pilot Varko Gray is being chased by an X-Wing. What happens then? It's better to see for yourself, it's worth it:

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Star Wars: Squadrons could become one of the best Star Wars games of the last decade, the potential for it is there. The concept is reminiscent of classics like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for Nintendo's N64 or space shooters like Star Wars: W-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter. In a playful way, fans can look forward to more than a blunt space shootout: both controls and gameplay should be anything but “casual”. Star Wars: Squadrons supports the Use of flight sticks, with which an even better flight feeling should arise - similar to that already with Microsoft's flight simulator the case is-

There should be no more delays in the planned release date - production has long since reached the gold phase. The game will be released on October 2nd for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. On Sony's console, the game is even VR-capable, so it can be played via PSVR.

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