Power On: The Story of Xbox, a documentary series about the history of the Xbox brand, is available now for free. Microsoft announced. The six-part documentary provides insights into the 20-year history of Xbox. Power On: The Story of Xbox is available on YouTube, among others.

In the documentary Power On: The Story of Xbox, gamers can get a glimpse of the story of a "passionate group of rebels," Microsoft reports, "that launched the first generation of Xbox."

Six episodes full of stories

Each episode is devoted to a different chapter in Xbox history - from its beginnings at Microsoft, designing the first prototype, to challenges like the Red Ring of Death.

On the in-house website, Xbox provides further insights into the new documentary series. Among other things, the topic of how Microsoft tried in vain to take over the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo at the turn of the millennium is discussed. The documentary series is a "nostalgic journey into the past for everyone who has been there since day one or is just getting to know the Xbox cosmos," writes Microsoft Xbox.

All six episodes of the Xbox documentary are immediately available and will not be unlocked step by step. Of course, the company accompanies the release of the series with something like merchandise: there are poster prints with the main motifs of the individual episodes in the Gear Shop - optionally as a complete set.

And that's not all: Microsoft is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand with, among other things, the "digital Xbox Museum", which fans can visit on the Internet at museum.xbox.com reach. For many gamers, looking at Xbox's past is also a look at their own gaming history. That probably makes the project doubly interesting for many.

The series is available in 30 languages ​​(subtitles) on the Xbox YouTube channel and on Microsoft Movies & TV:


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