Ubisoft announced that players can now immerse themselves in the light-hearted and colorful universe of OddBallers. Developed by Studio Game Swing, Ubisoft's latest party game is available on Nintendo SwitchTM, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via the Ubisoft Store, Epic Games Store and Luna, priced at €19,99. The game is also available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S playable via compatibility mode.

OddBallers is a dodgeball-inspired multiplayer party game that uses unfair tactics and wacky weapons to win mini-games. From rustic farmsteads to waterfront towns and paradise islands, each environment features more than 30 different arenas and unique mini-games. In OddBallers, fans must use whatever they can get their hands on to hurl them at their fellow players.

In order to score a match point for yourself, a predetermined number of points must be won. Players who are the first to convert their match point in the following mini-game by winning the mini-game win the entire game. A session can last between ten and twenty minutes, depending on the set victory conditions.

The characters present in the game can be customized from head to toe. There are hundreds of fun outfits, hairstyles and more to choose from. Customization items can be unlocked for free as players progress.

The game allows offline and online matches. Player count supports up to six players locally and up to four on PlayStation 4. Up to 6 people can compete online on all platforms. Thanks to the cross-play function, players can compete with others on all platforms.

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