Noble drop or cheap booze? That is the central question in Distilled, a board game all about distilling schnapps. The idea of ​​Paverson Games was already well received on Kickstarter, and now fans in this country should also get a taste for it: in the Spieleschmiede, the project is running as crowdfunding. If successful, there is a German version of Distilled. 

Paverson Games wanted to take at least the round sum of 18.000 US dollars with Distilled - A Spirited Strategy Game - at the end of the Kickstarter campaign it was over half a million. Each player accounts for almost 30 minutes of playing time per game, the idea comes from Dave Beck with illustrations by Erik Evensen (also: Marrying Mr. Darcy). The original should reach the supporters in December 2022.

Distilled: German version about the "Schmiede"

The German version also seems to be in demand: the set financing target of 10.000 euros has long been exceeded. Around 170 “blacksmiths” already support the title, which costs between 50 and 89 euros.

The themed board game is all about whiskey, gin, rum and co. It's about the management of the resources necessary for the recipes. Distilled is a medium-difficulty strategy game in which 1 to 5 players take on their family inheritance in a long-established distillery. In doing so, they strive for nothing less than mastering the craft.

To do this, they have to expand the stills, optimize the production processes and obtain the best raw materials. After a long aging process, the bottles still need to be labeled. Inspired by the art of whiskey distilling, Distilled is based on real manufacturing processes and constantly presents players with new challenges.

This makes the game highly themed and every wrong decision can lead to your own spirits ending up on the junk shelf. But if a fine drop succeeds, the tills will ring! Because selling one's own brandies is of course one of the tasks of a good distillery owner.

In the Spieleschmiede, all blacksmiths receive an exclusive mini-expansion (working title: “More stuff”). This is only produced in limited numbers and after this project is only available as part of the Spieleschmiede, for special campaigns and at trade fairs.

Interested parties can do that Crowdfunding project for Distilled in the Spieleschmiede support in the Spieleschmiede until December 8th and thus secure a copy localized in German.


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