In the Christmas month of December, Disney Plus provides its viewers with popcorn cinema for the whole family. The streaming service ensures exciting entertainment in front of the home television with series and film highlights such as the live version of the cartoon Mulan, but also with the Pixar animation film Soul and the season finale of The Mandalorian. This is a welcome change for young and old during the Christmas season of the pandemic. You will find all the films and series December has in store for you in our Disney Plus calendar.

The Disney Plus program in December 2020 has exciting highlights and innovations in the luggage for viewers of the streaming provider. With our calendar you can easily distinguish whether it is a new film, a season finale or a National Geographic film adaptation. We'll also reveal our personal Disney Plus highlights of the month to you! We can already tell you this much: We have to say goodbye to Baby Yoda for the time being! The second season of The Mandalorian series ends a few days before Christmas. Hamster, no, so keep your handkerchiefs ready.

Disney + December calendar: home theater for the whole family

Friday December 4th

Editorial highlight: Mulan | Action - 2020

In September of this year, the real-life version of the cartoon of the same name, Mulan, from 1998 was released. The movie hit could be streamed via VIP access at Disney + for a not low price. From December 04th, all subscribers to the streaming service can watch the adventure film at no additional cost. The captivating popcorn cinema, which whisks the entire family away to the traditional, old China, comes in handy in times of the pandemic.

The headstrong Mulan does not like to submit to her traditional role as a woman. She would much rather be able to experience everything that can only be given to men in ancient China. When warriors invade their homeland one day, Mulan's elderly father is to be called up as a soldier. Fearing that her father could be harmed in the war, the young woman takes the draft notice. Disguised as his son and initially underestimated, Mulan succeeds, thanks to her strong willpower, in becoming equal to the other soldiers.

Movies in December

  • The good fairy | Fantasy - 2020

Series in December

  • The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse - Episode 5: Disco Fever & Episode 6: The Big Good Wolf
  • The Mandalorian - Season 2: Chapter 14
Friday December 11th

Editorial highlight: We're buying a zoo | Comedy - 2011

The single father Benjamin Mee is looking for a change for himself and his two children. What could be closer than a move? But nobody is expecting a run-down zoo, except Benjamin, who is already planning to reopen. Together with his children, the father of the family embarks on the adventure of "his own zoo" and is actively supported by the animal keeper Kelly. The cheerful animal lover teaches the Mees how to deal with witty, sullen and Play jokeshandles the animals. But will the projects “Zuhause” and “Zooopening” be a success? That reveals the comedy "We're buying a zoo" from December 11th on Disney +.

Movies in December

  • Brother heart | Biography - 2020
  • High School Musical: The Musical: Holiday Special | Musical - 2020

Series in December

  • The wonderful world of Mickey Mouse - Episode 7: The Brave Little Squire & Episode 8: An ordinary date
  • The Mandalorian - Season 2: Chapter 15

National Geographic

  • Human vs. shark
Friday December 18th

Season finale

  • The wonderful world of Mickey Mouse - Episode 9: The Totally Insane Shopping & Episode 10: Just the Four of us
  • The Mandalorian - Season 2: Chapter 16
Now it's time to wait again for Star Wars fans! Season finale of The Mandalorian. Image: Disney

Now it's time to wait again for Star Wars fans! Season finale of The Mandalorian. Image: Disney

Movies in December

  • Asterix at the Olympic Games | Family cinema - 2008
  • Asterix & Obelix - On Her Majesty's behalf | Family cinema - 2012
  • The robber Hotzenplotz | Children's film - 2012
  • The legendary four - Marnie's world | Animated film - 2018

Series in December

  • En Pointe - Season 1
  • Miraculous World: New York, United Heroes

National Geographic

  • Pompeii: Secrets of the Dead
Wednesday December 25th

Editorial highlight: Pixars Soul | Animation film - 2020

The Pixar animated film Soul follows music teacher Joe and his dreams of becoming a jazz musician. Just as Joe finally gets a chance to perform at the best club in town, it seems he's reached the end of his life. A careless step that sends him falling down a gully takes his soul straight to another, weird dimension called "The Great Beyond". In this in-between world, souls learn a lot in order to be reborn after crazy seminars with pretty famous mentors.

But Joe is not at all ready to bite the grass and tries in an adventurous way to find a way back into his old life as a musician. That has to wait, because the first thing to do is to convince the stubborn soul 22 to find fun in real life again and finally to leave The Great Beyond.

Movies in December

  • Asterix in the land of the gods | Family cinema - 2014

Series / National Geographic

  • Thailand's Fascinating Wilderness - Season 1

We wish you a lot of fun with your Disney Plus program in December and a pleasant Christmas time.

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