Just in time for Disney's D23-Expro, Ravensburger has shown the first six cards from the Disney Locana trading card game: you can see popular characters from the Disney universe, such as the extraterrestrial Stitch, Captain Hook and Robin Hood. 

In the run-up to the D23, Ravensburger has the first trading cards for the 2023 release Disney Lorcana revealed. That's not all: the tickets will even be available for purchase at the Disney Expo. The marketing machine rolls on early. However, Ravensburger states that the six cards will also be included in the first Disney Lorcana set. Its title is also known: Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter.

Disney Lorcana: From Stitch to Elsa

The first card illustrations already show what fans can look forward to with the release of Disney Lorcana: a reunion with many well-known characters from different comic universes. The graphics come from experienced illustrators, such as Nichols Kole, who previously drew marketing artworks for the indie hopping game Super Lucky's Tale, among other things, or John Loren, who contributed concept art to Crash Bandicoot 4 - It's about Time.

The first six cards are: Stitch as Rockstar, Snow Queen Elsa - Snow Queen, Cruella de Vil,
Maleficent as a dragon, Robin Hood and Captain Hook.

What is particularly exciting is what can be seen apart from the map images. Disney: Lorcana will therefore rely on well-known collectible card game systems. Characters have attack and defense stats, costs, and various special skills and keywords.

The first six set cards plus a Mickey promo are known. Images: Ravensburger

The first six set cards plus a Mickey promo are known. Images: Ravensburger

There are not many details so far, Ravensburger is keeping a relatively low profile. However, it will be an easy-to-learn collectible card game that will still appeal to genre fans. The motto probably applies: Easy to learn, hard to master - which is often the case with deck building concepts. It is also clear that it will not be child's play. There are different strategic approaches, combinations and synergies between the cards.

Those who purchase one of the D23 Expo Collector's Sets at the convention will also receive a free special Mickey Mouse - Brave Little Tailor card - the first known promo card from Disney: Lorcana.

Ravensburger is expected to release four new card sets per year, according to the current plan. There will also be organized play events. The creators expect that the trading card game will appeal to both card players and Disney fans alike. Disney: Lorcana is slated for release in Fall 2023. As a price guide, the Disney Lorcana D23 Expo Collector's Set costs around $50.

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