There are new series and films on Disney+ almost every day in November 2022, plenty even. Classics, documentaries, children's films and blockbusters are shown on the main Disney channel and on Star. An overview of all the new features on Disney+ in November 2022. 

Disney's streaming service is primarily aimed at families with children and has become a kind of all-round carefree package for them: there is regular new content for younger film fans, including not only Disney brands, but also child-friendly formats in general . The Disney+ subscription service also has a lot to offer for adults – also thanks to the additional channel Star. The portfolio ranges from action to science fiction to horror. In November 2022, new products will be added to the catalog in almost all genres and subgenres. 

For the annual fee of 90 euros, Disney+ also offers the complete program in maximum 4K resolution including Dolby Vision, and some fans can even enjoy films in IMAX format - this is unique in this form in the streaming segment. In terms of quality, hardly any provider can hold a candle to Disney. In November 2022 there will be numerous new films and series on Disney+.

November 2022: What's New at Disney+

After the special offer as part of the D23 Expo, film and series streaming has long since resumed as normal. Disney+ will also announce numerous highlights in November 2022. Willow is a sequel to Ron Howard's 1988 film, but this time as a series. For connoisseurs: The screenplay was written by George Lucas, who thus put his stamp on the film and a basic story about good and evil. So the proximity to Star Wars is no coincidence. At the center of the series is Willow, the magician played by Warwick Davis. 

A series about Iron Mike Tyson is starting for sports fans – conceived as a mini format with eight episodes. Of course it's about the life of the boxer, but not as a documentary, but as a genuine new shoot with actors. 

The program on Disney + regarding the new films and series in November 2022 is impressive again. A lot is offered to fans. 

The new series at Disney + in November 2022

Date(s) Title
02 November 2022 Christmas with Donna Hay – Season 1 (Disney)
02 November 2022 The D'Amelio Show - Season 2 (Star)
02 November 2022 Reboot - Season 1 (Star)
02 November 2022 Family Guy - Season 20 (Star)
02 November 2022 The mountain doctor season 14
02 November 2022 The mountain rescuers season 12
09 November 2022 The Montaners Season 1
09 November 2022 Candy: Death in Texas Season 1
November 09, 2022 "China's History from Above" Season 1
09 November 2022 "Attack on Pearl Harbor: Minute by Minute" Season 1
November 09, 2022 "Fix it! Repairs at the Limit" Season 1
09 November 2022 "SOS with David Beckham" Season 1
16 November 2022 The Good Doctor Season 4
16 November 2022 The Hot Zone: Deadly Virus Season 2
16 November 2022 "Santa Clause: The Series"
16 November 2022 "Without Limits with Chris Hemsworth"
16 November 2022 Mike" (miniseries)
23 November 2022 "Maggie" Season 1
23 November 2022 Reasonable Doubt Season 1
23 November 2022 Ally McBeal Season 1-5
23 November 2022 "Rescue Me" Season 1-6
30 November 2022 Savage Kingdom Season 1-4
30 November 2022 "Willow"
30 November 2022 "The Patient"

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All new movies on Disney+ in November 2022

Date(s) Title
03 November 2022 Marvel Studios: Invincible Together - Making of She-Hulk
04 November 2022 "Petterson and Findus: The Best Christmas Ever"
04 November 2022 "Table 19: Love is out of place"
09 November 2022 "Zootopia+"
11 November 2022 "Sharks in the Bermuda Triangle"
11 November 2022 "Fire of Love"
18 November 2022 "A wonderful autumn with Mickey Mouse"
18 November 2022 "Micky: A Mouse's Tale"
18 November 2022 "Queen Elizabeth II: Passing of the Crown - A Special Edition of 20/20
18 November 2022 "Queen Elizabeth II: The Legacy, the Life"
18 November 2022 "Big Mama's House 2"
18 November 2022 "The Verdict: Everyone is for sale"
18 November 2022 "damn it again"
20 November 2022 Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium
25 November 2022 "matriarch"

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