As an adult, who wouldn't wish to read a Disney magazine full of anticipation? Thanks to the one-time special issue Disney Familienbande, which, according to the publisher Egmont Ehapa Media, will be available in newsagents from July 2019, this will now be possible for a short time. The family magazine is primarily aimed at parents and their children. On over 50 pages, adults as well as children are provided with age-appropriate everyday topics.

With Disney Familienbande, Egmont Ehapa publishes a magazine that provides parents and their children with exciting topics, recipes, everyday topics and Disney comics about the family. There are also trending topics, such as tips for eliminating chaos from Marie Kondo or an exciting interview with Michi Beck, a juror on the TV show The Voice of Germany.

Disney family ties: This is what the new special issue offers

In the supplement, the Kids Magazin, children can find plenty of activity material on 24 pages. In addition to a summer comic about the Entenhausen tick, trick and track, puzzles, comics, a handicraft template, coloring pages and other child-friendly content await the little Disney lovers. In addition, the magazine comes with a family planner with which the summer family quality time can be planned.

When you look at Disney's Family Ties magazine, you notice that Egmont Ehapa wants to address the whole family. Apparently in a good mood, a family adorns the cover sheet. The keywords seem to have been chosen to be family-friendly. So the magazine asks you to relax, have fun and at the same time, in a casual style, finally bring order back to your own place. The children are also addressed, but this is still done cautiously on the cover, with a small reference to the enclosed kids magazine and a reference to a story suitable for children. This makes it clear: Familienbande is not a children's magazine, but a family magazine that wants to ensure quality time together.

The Disney Family Ties Magazine appeals to young and old. Image: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann

The Disney Family Ties Magazine appeals to young and old. Image: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann

If you open the magazine, the reader reveals itself to a tabloid magazine with family-specific topics. The content is seasonal and therefore summery. From packing tips for the suitcase to an adventure suggestion on the doorstep, reading Disney Magazine will get the reader into the holiday mood. Trending topics like mindfulness in life or healthy recipes like a sugar-free chocolate cake find just as much space in the magazine as well-known ones. From the character comparison of the children in relation to the parents to advice on how to prevent family quarrels, the magazine takes up interesting topics for family life. In addition, there is child-friendly written parent-child content.

The magazine's recipes have been selected to be enjoyed by the entire family. The family will come up with summery babeque recipes, such as vegetarian antipasti and vegetable sticks from the grill, but also meat-based dishes, such as barbeque chicken in orange marinade, are part of the recipe selection. Here, the inclined reader will notice that the recipes have been sensibly coordinated with one another. An example: if the chicken has been marinated with the orange juice, chocolate cakes can be baked in the bowls on the grill.

Tips for eliminating chaos at home from Marie Kondo. Image: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann

Tips for eliminating chaos at home from Marie Kondo. Image: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann

The enclosed Disney Familienbande Kids magazine ensures that activities are exclusively suitable for children. The kids magazine contains a lot of colorful illustrations on 24 pages around the Entenhausen, the Incredibles, the Lion King and Toy Story. Here you can paint, do handicrafts, browse and laugh and puzzle with Mickey and his friends.

With the appealingly designed family planner, the suggestions and purchases for the recipes described can be clearly summarized and planned.

The price of the Disney Family Ties Magazine is 4,50 euros. It should appear once as a special issue.