Disintegration, the new first-person shooter from Publisher Private Division, is impressively presented in the launch trailer, which is supposed to prepare for the game's release. Disintegration is the debut title of Lehto's newly founded Studio V1 Interactive and will be released on June 16, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One family.

Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto and his team transport players into a future vision of the earth during Disintegration. But one with problems: Climate extremes, overpopulation, food shortages and a global pandemic have led to the collapse of nations and brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Disintegration: Shooter with real-time strategy elements

Scientists face the disaster by developing a process that involves removing the human brain and surgically placing it in a robotic body; a process known as integration. But a militaristic group arose out of the chaos of a dying world, which, once on a voluntary basis, is now aggressively enforcing this process by all means. The Rayonne made integration their own and used it to subdue the rest of humanity.

Players take on the role of Romer Shoal, an integrated character whose mission is to lead a small group of outlaws, people who have chosen to fight back and survive, into a better future of theirs Protecting loved ones in the hope of becoming human again one day.

Players experience the story, which takes place around 150 years in the future, from the first person's perspective. You are not traveling alone. Main character Romer can issue orders to his squad, for example to activate skills and request air strikes. The basic idea is not new and is reminiscent of shooters like Star Wars: Republic Commandoin which the player could act in a similar way. On the way are players with a hover vehicle, the Gravcycle.

With Disintegration there will also be a multiplayer mode in which up to ten players can participate. Each player then controls his own crew, consisting of the gravcycle and several ground units. There should be variety: each crew should play completely differently and have unique skills.

Originally, Disintegration was actually planned as a real-time strategy game. Then the 30-strong team around Marcus Lehto decided to make the gaming experience unique: The result was a mix of first-person shooter with strategy elements. Disintegration will be released on June 16th for PC and consoles.

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