The connoisseur game Santa Maria is back. The German expansion Santa Maria - American Kingdoms will be available in stores from March, announced the publisher Pegasus Spiele. Four extensive modules can then be freely combined and enable additional strategies. For game rounds of five, one player also takes on the role of the indigenous Maya.

Competition for raw materials

In the competition for the valuable raw material cocoa, the indigenous people of South America are consolidating their trade network and building mighty pyramids. On the colonist side, governors, ambassadors and production specialists influence the fate of the new world. Special skills of ships and scholars add excitement. Only those who act skillfully will be rewarded with victory in the end.

Already the basic game St. Maria enthusiastic tactics fans thanks to the shared dice pool, which determines one's own actions and further restricts those of the other players. The player boards on which the dice are used to activate the landscapes are empty at the start of the game. With the expansion tiles, the players can expand their own tableau individually. This gradually creates new chains of action. Each player takes turns taking one of four main actions until all players have passed. Then the round ends with an intermediate scoring and the next one begins. After three rounds the game ends with the final scoring of the satisfaction points.

Santa Maria - American Kingdoms is an intensive expansion of the easily accessible basic game. The modules increase the playful challenge for more variety in the games. The playing field invites you to discover numerous subtleties and options and unfolds exciting mechanisms while playing.

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