This novelty by the successful author Stefan Feld is not about well-known topics such as the Middle Ages, Ancient Rome or the Renaissance in Italy. Instead, the strategic board game "Revolution of 1828" takes up a historical epoch that has so far been neglected in board game circles: the US election campaign of the eponymous year 1828. Two players slip into the roles of the presidential candidates at the time.

The first dirt campaign

Who wonders why Revolution of 1828 has an election campaign in the US as its theme two centuries ago, the game instructions provide an instructive answer.

"It was an election campaign that rightly entered history as the first dirty campaign because of the extent of its ruthlessness and wickedness."

Revolution of 1828 Instructions

That sounds tempting as a game theme. And so it is clear that this new game is anything but cooperative.

The players take on one of the two presidential candidates in a thematically appropriate manner. Then they go on an election campaign tour through the states. The process is relatively simple: in your turn you choose a state and take one of the tiles there. If you take the last chip on display from a state, you receive the corresponding voter and it is your turn again. The game ends after the fourth round.

Dirt campaign as a wild card...

... With one major disadvantage

This state and tile selection is anything but trivial. This is ensured by dividing the chips on display into three categories. There are tokens for delegates, campaigns or dirty campaigns - so much for the topic of "good old days". The dirt campaign tiles act as jokers, but of course they also have a major disadvantage. 

The instructions with the well-prepared historical information and the coherent illustrations by Alexander Jung help to increase the fun of the game. Make the unusual subject matter and the exciting game mechanism Revolution of 1828 a real insider tip.