Codemasters is postponing the release of DiRT 5 again. The racing game is no longer supposed to appear in October, instead it is aiming for a release at the beginning of November. The developer and publisher announced the announcement via Twitter.

There is one reason for the postponement, but this is not mentioned by the developer and publisher., The possible simultaneous next-gen release could be related to this. The publisher writes that DiRT 5 will be released on November 6th, the day on which at least the launch of the Xbox Series X is suspected. Buyers of the Amplified Edition can get started on November 3rd.

Developer apologizes via Twitter

Codemasters also emphasizes that the next-gen upgrade for DiRT 5 will be free for all gamers. While it makes no difference whether you want to wait for the next-gen version with a matching cover, a version that is as simultaneous as possible should be even more convenient for the editor. All the more so as many players would prefer to wait a few more days, which could have a negative impact on the original version for the Codemasters.

In a statemant on Twitter, Codemasters apologizes for the renewed postponement of the release:

We will keep you up to date if anything should change in the planned November release.