Quentin Tarantino swaps the camera for the pen. This is what the Hollywood news magazine “Deadline” reports on Tuesday, November 17th. The Hollywood director has signed a contract with the book publisher Harper Collins. Tarantino fans can look forward to two books from his pen, a novel and a non-fiction, coming next year. The screen star has always been passionate about the subgenre of film literature.

The novel is said to be based on his multiple Oscar-nominated film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The story of the book highlights the characters of the film protagonists Leonardo DiCaprio, as Rick Dalton, and Brad Pitt, as Cliff Booth, in a special, completely different way. The work can be classified before and after the story of the film that was released on screen in 2019. The novel about the film is scheduled to be available in stores in the summer of 2021 in paperback, e-book and digital audio versions. The hardcover edition followed a little later, in autumn of the same year.

Quentin Tarantino tries his hand at writing the film world

According to Tarantino, film novels have been one of his passions since childhood. It fills him with pride that as an author he can contribute to this often underestimated but nevertheless popular subgenre. The director tells the Hollywood news magazine Deadline in an interview and then adds that he is curious to see how his "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" characters and their world will turn out in a literary work and that at the same time he hopes that the novel can hold its own alongside its cinematic counterpart.

Tarantino's film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is the basis of the first book. Image: Sony Pictures

Tarantino's film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is the basis of the first book. Image: Sony Pictures

The titles of the books are Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Cinema Speculation

The second book penned by Quentin Tarantino is entitled "Cinema Speculation" and is a non-fiction book on the world of film. With this work he throws a vivid look at the films of the 1970s. With Cinema Speculation, its readers should get an exciting mixture of essays, reviews, personal experiences and mind games.

Some time ago, the popular director is said to have said that his tenth film will be his last screen creation. What at first sounds like a horror report, because the hit movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was already his ninth film, could be softened by the prospect of his calling as a writer. That should please his fans.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a mix of drama and crime. It hit the silver screen in 2019. Tarantino directed and wrote the screenplay for the late 1960s Los Angeles film about star Rick Dalton. The actor is afraid for his career. The golden days of the film industry are over. Together with his stunt double Cliff Booth, he tries to regain his fame.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a mixture of drama and crime

But then the famous director Roman Polanski moves into the neighborhood and Charles Manson plays his deadly game with his community, very close by. In addition to Quentin Tarantino as screenwriter and director, excellent actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as well as Margot Robbie played the leading roles. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood received five Golden Globes, ten British Academy Film Award and ten Oscar nominations.

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