The development studio Dire Wolf Digital, made famous among other things by the digital card game Eternal and the implementation of Clank !, brings out several successful board games in digital form for PC, smartphones and tablets: including Mage Knight, Räuber
the North Sea and Wings of Glory.

Board games for PC, tablet and smartphone

The studio “Dire Wolf Digital” should have been known to board and video games for a long time: after all, popular titles such as Clank !, The Pokemon - online trading card game, Elders Scrolls: Legends or the implementation of Lantern Festival come from the video game developers from Denver , Colorado.

Now “Dire Wolf Digital” has announced the adaptation of further board games for PC and mobile devices. The start is the board game implementation of “Robbers of the North Sea” - published in this country by Schwerkraft - in the first quarter of 2019.

“Bringing some of the hottest fan favorites from the board game market to digital devices is a great opportunity for us. It is a great honor for us to work with the best in the industry. "

Scott Martins, CEO of Dire Wolf Digital

Other planned titles for board game implementations include Mage Knight by Vlaada Chvátil (published by Asmodee), the asymmetrical war game Root by Leder Games, which found its way onto the market via Kickstarter, Sagrada by Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu (Pegasus Spiele ), Yangtze by Reiner Knizia (Piatnik) and Wings of Glory, also published by Asmodee.

"Robbers of the North Sea" will appear in digital form in the first quarter of 2019. Image: Dire Wolf Digital
“Robbers of the North Sea” will appear in digital form in the first quarter of 2019. Image: Dire Wolf Digital

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