With Dire Alliance: Horror, Blacklist Games has announced a new deck building game that will be implemented in October via swarm financing via Kickstarter. Parallel to the board game, which can be played in two ways, the makers of titles such as Street Masters or Contra are rolling out a series of miniatures.

Blacklist Games relies on Dire Alliance: Horror on classic horror themes with vampires, werewolves and Co. The makers behind board games such as Contra or Street Masters are launching a Kickstarter campaign for their new game with deck building mechanics on October 27th. The board game comes from Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson (Undaunted) as well as Brady and Adam Sadler, who designed the Street Masters and Altar Quest, among others.

Dire Alliance: Horror - Cooperative or Competitive?

The real highlight of Dire Alliance: Horror is not the setting, but the playful variance. The deck building game can be played either competitively in a classic duel mode between two opponents or cooperatively with one to four players in a raid mode. The duel variant relies on the well-known 1-on-1 situations in which the opposing leader has to be defeated. In the cooperative game variant, on the other hand, the players compete against the cardboard AI in order to defeat minions and achieve goals described in a scenario. In both game modes, fans use a deck of cards to move or attack their characters. The deck building mechanics bring playful variance to bear.

At the end of October, Blacklist Games will kick off the miniatures and the new deck building game. Copyright: Blacklist Games

At the end of October, Blacklist Games will kick off the miniatures and the new deck building game. Copyright: Blacklist Games

Another clever trick is the compatibility of the game, which forms the start of the new series “Dire Alliance”, the individual parts of which can be combined with each other. According to Blacklist Games, players should be able to experience the game across multiple genres.

The Kickstarter campaign for Dire Alliance: Horror starts on Tuesday, October 27th, in this country at 18 p.m. Blacklist Games then offers the well-known stretch goals as well as an optional set of compatible miniatures, which runs under the motto “Horror Series 1”. The figures come to the players' homes already assembled and, according to Blacklist Games, are suitable for all types of games - between board games and RPG.


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