After Dinosaur Island, the board game Dinosaur World is the next title from Pandasaurus Games, which puts the giant lizards in the center of the game. What the designers Brian Lewis, David McGregor and Marissa Misura came up with for the game is based on a similar concept to its predecessor Dinosaur Island, but according to Pandasaurus Games it will also offer new game mechanics. The board game is funded through Kickstarter.

Dinosaur World can definitely be seen as a further developed variant of Dinosaur Island. You don't have to have played the predecessor, confirms the US publisher, but it makes it easier to get started with the new offshoot because some mechanisms work in a similar way. After the re-announcement of Gods love dinosaurs Dinosaur World becomes yet another dinosaur-themed board game.

Dinosaur World mixes the familiar and the new

Build your world the way you like it, John Hammond must have thought when he created Jurassic Park. The Euro board game Dinosaur Island by Pandasaurus Games was based on this idea and was published in this country in a localized version by Tierra del Fuego Games. Players developed DNA, hatched dinosaur eggs and put the animals as attractions in an amusement park.

The new board game Dinosaur World also relies on this setting and on similar mechanisms in the DNA concept. This time, however, the focus should be more on the construction of buildings and the use of the bonuses triggered by them, confirms Pandasaurus Games about the new title by Brian Lewis. Anyone who has already played Dinosaur Island will recognize similarities in the system. However, Dinosaurs World is a completely standalone board game and not an expansion. You don't have to have played the predecessor.

The game system includes new mechanics known from Dinosaur Island (here in the picture). Copyright: Pandasaurus Games

It's all in the mix: The game system includes new mechanics known from Dinosaur Island (here in the picture). Copyright: Pandasaurus Games

At its core, it was still about collecting suitable combinations of DNA, assigning workers and filling the park with dinosaurs in order to attract visitors - and thus collect victory points. Despite the optimization-heavy gameplay with a focus on generating points, Dinosaur Island was also able to convince thematically. Something similar can be assumed for Dinosaur World, especially since Kwanchai Moriya is once again part of the party. The competitive board game is aimed at 2 to 4 players.

Much more is currently not known about the new board game from Pandasaurus Games. The English version will again be crowdfunded via Kickstarter. The corresponding campaign starts on September 22nd. Around this date, detailed information about the board game can be expected. - Germany's largest range of board games