The French publisher Asmodee Digital has announced two more digital board games at SPIEL'19 in Essen. Adaptations of Game of Thrones: The Board Game and Blood Rage will appear next year. Both titles will initially be released for PC in 2020. Two new teaser trailers announce the games.

Asmodee Digital uses the SPIEL'19 in Essen to announce several promising titles. Digital versions of the board games Game of Thrones: The Board Games and Blood Rage will appear next year.
But that's not all: The sixth character for the digital version of Gloomhaven will appear this year: The Vermlinge, who live in cities, take refuge in the canals in order to be safe from the torture by the people. There they form strong bonds with the huge underground rat population. However, communicating with the swarms is not easy. Many miners fail when trying to control the rats, but some develop psychological skills with which they can direct the swarm. So-called mindthieves are terrifying opponents - with psychological attacks, sharp blades and tons of tiny teeth.
Owners of a Playstation 4, on the other hand, can look forward to the release of a major update for the adaptation of Ticket to Ride, the successful board game from Days of Wonder. With the update, single and online multiplayer will be available in addition to the local multiplayer mode.

Game of Thrones board game is being adapted

The board game for Game of Thrones by Christian T. Petersen is slated to appear on PC in 2020 as a digital chew. King Robert Baratheon is known to be dead, Westeros is preparing for the final battle. Players slip into the knight boots of one of the heads of the great houses in Westeros and play with diplomacy and in the war for the Iron Throne. 

The board game is closely based on the novel by George RR Martin and is primarily aimed at lovers of strategic board games. In order to win, you not only need strong troops, but also the elaboration of strategic plans - then the influence of the players on Westeros continues to expand.


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One to six opponents play the game of thrones - ideally online in multiplayer mode. A game should last between 60 and 120 minutes. The optical elements are based on the book template.

A unique campaign that is only available in the digital version is particularly exciting: a dozen scenarios that deal with the War of the Five Kings, in which players play the roles of Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell and Baratheon after the death of King Robert Baratheon Accept Greyjoy.

The core mechanics of the board game adaptation:

  • Social strategy game: Conspiracies, fraud, intrigue and politics
  • Online game: A wide repertoire of separate social tools is available for multiplayer sessions, which make interaction between players even easier. It can be played together with friends and AI, as well as in ranked mode.
  • Interactive AI: The title includes well-crafted AI that offers social interactions in solo as well as online games

The digital implementation of the board game for Game of Thrones offers a modern UI and UX, as well as a game board on which the game characters are animated and represented by 3D models. Players experience the political and military processes in Westeros up close and pave their own way to the iron throne.

Blood Rage: Digital Board Game will be available for PC-Steam in 2020

The digital adaptation of the board game Blood Rage should be at least as exciting. The Viking board game by Eric M. Lang features illustrations by Adrian Smith and lets players control the fortunes of their own Viking clans. The original was published by CMON and convinced Board Game Geek with a very good average rating.

In Blood Rage - Digital Edition, players control their own Viking clans. There are seven of them to choose from, each with their own warriors, leaders and ships. Lands are plundered, missions and units improved - all to lead your own clan to glorious victory.

The original miniatures of the board game were digitally implemented true to detail for the adaptation and even 3D animated thanks to high-res photogrammetry. 


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The digital board game is aimed at one to four players who can also fight for fame in online multiplayer mode. A game should last around 30 to 60 minutes. The focus of Blood Rage is on map drafting, as well as settlements, secret actions and tasks. Units can be upgraded as the game progresses. The game concept is based on tactical combat mechanics: At the beginning of each era, cards are drafted, and in the course of a round players react to the actions of their opponents.

While fighting isn't the only way to win, Blood Rage is battle heavy. A guarantee for losing is shying away from fighting and glorious death on the battlefield (sacrificing your own troops earns you points).

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The game is played through a total of three ages, each age ending with Ragnarök destroying part of the playing field together with all troops. In the end, the player with the most Glory points wins.

The digital version is currently being developed by Exozet. The digital board game will be released next year, initially for PC Steam.

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