The sci-fi series “Doctor Who” has been on television since 1989 and has captivated fans since it first aired. It is not without reason that the series about the idiosyncratic Doc has already won over 100 awards, including that of the Guinness World Records for the longest running science fiction series in the world. From now on, Whovians can collect and swap digital character cards from the Doctor Who world and use them in turn-based competitions in the PC game "Doctor Who: Worlds Apart" from 2021.

The developer and publisher Reality Gaming Group enables fans of the lonely alien in human form, “Doctor Who”, for the first time in the history of the popular sci-fi series, to collect digital versions of the characters in the form of trading cards. The card packs are still used as a personal scrapbook, but as early as next year the Doctor Who cards can be used as a victorious part of a game deck in the tactical PC card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart.

From trading cards to Doctor Who TCG

The entire collection of “Doctor Who: Worlds Apart” trading cards from BBC Studios and the developer and publisher Reality Gaming Group contains over 200 digital playing cards based on characters, scenes and items from the entire episodes of Doctor Who’s 57-year history based. A card pack contains between five and ten limited edition cards with hand-drawn artwork. A total of four different packs are available to the player. In addition, the Whovians, as the fans of the series call themselves, can also collect 13 different cosmetic card frames.

Doctor Who trading cards have different values, as usual from other TCGs. Image: BBC

Doctor Who trading cards have different values, as usual from other TCGs. Image: BBC

As with many analog trading cards, some of the TCG around Doctor Who are rarer than others, such as those of the space-time machine TARDIS, which is rarer than that of the reptilian Silurians. TCG veterans already know this from other analog and digital trading card games such as Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering or Final Fantasy.

At Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, every card in the blockchain is secured and protected so there can be no copies or theft. Collectors can exchange their cards on a Doctor Who trading card market, which will be launched in early 2021 and give fans the opportunity to upgrade their collection and game deck at the same time to add exciting heroes and objects.

The thirteenth Doc. is part of the Doctor Who digital trading card game. Image: BBC

The thirteenth Doctor is also part of the digital trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. Image: BBC

Once the video game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is fully released in 2021, players will be able to use their collected cards to compete against opponents in a turn-based and tactical card game. The game will be available for free on the PC, full of action and trading card competitions on digital tabletops. The surroundings of the game are intended to remind players of the well-known locations in the Doctor Who series. In the trading card game fashion, the players build legendary decks beforehand in order to then beat the opponent with sophisticated tactics. The digital card packs are available now starting at $ 4.99 on the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart website.


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