Digital adaptations to the successful board games Gloomhaven and Blood Rage have been around for a long time - now the publisher Asmodee Digital has released new, sometimes long-awaited content for the two titles. For Game of Thrones: The Board Games, the release date has also been set.  

Playing cooperatively via online mode was a great wish for many fans of the digital adaptation of Isaac Childres' successful board game Gloomhaven, which has so far remained unfulfilled - until now: As Asmodee Digital has announced, Gloomhaven has been expanded to include a corresponding mode.

Gloomhaven: Online co-op with up to four players

Gloomhaven fans can now play with up to three other friends via online co-op. The creators of the digital version of one of the most successful board games of the past decade are thus delivering a mode that gamers have longed for. But that's not all, Asmodee Digital has released a one-and-a-half minute trailer to get you in the mood:

The mode is accompanied by content. So six new enemy types come into play, each of which is demonic versions of the elements fire, wind, earth and water. With the content update, new environments and a new biome are also part of the digital board game. There are also objects and tasks. Asmodee Digital also provides an outlook on the future of the game. In October and December there will be further adjustments and content, including new types of enemies, biomes and missions. The makers are also keeping an eye on the official launch, but the end of the early access phase and thus a release date is not yet in sight.

Even better: Gloomhaven is available in the digital version at a discounted price via Steam. Instead of the otherwise around 25 euros, fans can currently get into the Early access-Start phase of the board game.

Game of Thrones: Digital Board Game will be released on October 6th

The announcement of the official release day of the digital board game Game of Thrones: The Board Game is also accompanied by a trailer. The game will be available for PC-Steam as early as October 6th. The adaptation is based on the original by Fantasy Flight Games and thus of course the story of George RR Martin. Dire Wolf Digital is responsible for the implementation, which is closely based on the template. Up to six players can compete online; the digital version of the board game can optionally also be played in a solo mode against five computer opponents.

A trailer shows gameplay from the game:

The adaptation of Game of Thrones: The Board Game is currently also available for pre-order at a discounted price. Asmodee Digital grants a 20 percent discount so that the game can be played in Preorder is available for 15.99 instead of the usual 19.99 euros. The release is planned for October 6th.

Blood Rage brings "Mythics" into play

No less exciting: The digital adaptation of Blood Rage gets their first DLC. The basic concept of the digital board game for Blood Rage and thus the idea of ​​author Eric M. Lang remains untouched. Under the title "Mythics of Midgard" new units come into play, which fans can now use to implement their strategies on the screen. The "Mythics" are connected to the gods and therefore directly to the eponymous DLC. The additional package brings a total of seven of the new units into play, plus six new gifts that further increase the strategic options for action.

The digital adaptation closely follows the original board game by Eric M. Lang. Image rights: Asmodee Digital

The digital adaptation closely follows the original board game by Eric M. Lang. Image rights: Asmodee Digital

For players who currently already have the basic game, the DLC for free - now and in the future. New players who buy Blood Rage now will receive the DLC for free until September 21, after which the additional package costs 4.99 euros.

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